Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes babies, Then Comes......?

Well, we're on a new mission in expanding our Family.

Don't get to excited, we're not pregnant and we are not planning on getting pregnant in the near future. The conversation that started it all happened just before Avery was born. We had discussed pets and were thinking of getting a dog someday. However, with a new baby soon, 2 spoiled house cats and both of us working we realized how silly that would be. We're hardly home as it is! So we said we'd wait until Avery was 3 then go to a shelter or adoption agency and find 1 or maybe 2 friends for Avery to bring home. (2 being one for daddy and one for mommy)

Well, Avery will be 3 in December (CRAZY!) and this weekend the conversation picked up at random when I mentioned how Barktoberfest was happening at the big park by our house and we should go look at the rescue groups and people watch since we obviously don't have a dog. Evan got sooooooo excited and immediately started talking about names for "His" dog and types of breeds that were "Good for us and not good for us".

Whoa, hold up.

So, we are currently doing TONS of research on every breed of dog that gets over 20lbs and doesn't yip but barks. We're thinking we'll decide or start hitting the rescue groups or local Shelter at the end of January. We're doing WAYYYY too much traveling in the coming months and we have 2 HUGE trips starting next spring. Plus, we may move to a bigger place in April. Needless to say, lots to consider and lots to think and research about before we find a new member of the Hartfield family. This just speaks volumes on how mommyhood has changed me. Anyone who knows me or grew up with me would be flabbergasted that I haven't owned a dog since 2004 and that I haven't brought home a million strays. It's a well known fact that growing up we had no less that 7 pets. Even now my mom has 8 animals!

PROS     Vs.    CONS   
Play mate for Avery     Vs.  Another mouth to feed(vet bills included)
Jogging buddy for me   Vs.  Kittos adjusting to the dog
Security (depending on Breed)     Vs.  I'll be cleaning up after it.
Travel companion on family trips   Vs.  Allergies (yet to be determined)
We've wanted one for a LONG time.    Vs.   Baby No. 2 would be on hold
Teaches Avery responsibility

  GOOD Breeds for US  >  BAD Breeds for US                     
* Just because we don't think these breeds are good for us, doesn't mean we don't like them

Labs   > Chihuahua
Golden Retriever  >  Yorkie
Greyhound (currently #1 on our list, very odd!)   > Poodle of ANY kind
Husky   > Pug
German Shepard   >  Dachshund
Brittany Spaniel >  Pit Bull
Dalmatian  > Papillion
Border Collie  > Rottweiler (my mom has had 4)
Collie   >  Great Dane (Avery's scared of them)
Wheaten terrier  > Pomeranian

So we still have a lot to research and figure out in finding a sweet and perfect addition to our family. I'm excited though, even if it's not even happening this year. :) 


  1. Black lab, Black lab, Black lab! (Dogs are cheaper than babies.)

  2. Yay! First of all, kudos for going the rescue/shelter route.

    Sounds like you are looking at a ton of very smart breeds, so you will want to make sure that you are willing and able to give all the mental stimulation (in addition to physical activity, obviously ha) that is required. It is clear by your devotion to Gus and Paris that you already know that a pet is a lifetime commitment. :) A busy mind is a happy mind.

    One thing I notice is that the Greyhound is your #1 choice, so just FYI, they have VERY high prey drive. Only mention that b/c you have cats. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and a reputable rescue will always endeavor to find the right fit for your family.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh, and I meant to add that I highly recommend mutts. :)

  4. I have been waiting for your response. hehe. The prey drive seems to be the only big hard spot. They are either okay with cats but not small children or they are not okay with cats but good with small children.

    Some of the best pets in my childhood were mutts. Knowing us, we'll get 2 at once to make it a happy family for everyone involved....plenty of time to think, sort and fall in love until we make a forever home for a special someone.

    Haha, Evan just read your comments and said to add. "Duh, smart breed shelter mutts for the win. Only the best for Avery."

  5. Yay, haha! Ya know, it really makes my day when to know someone actually putting the kind of research into getting a dog that you are.

    I have no doubt that you will give a very lucky dog a wonderful life.



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