Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video Post

I have two videos I felt like sharing with all you Avery lovers out there. Enoy!

Avery got her first big girl haircut on Saturday from my sweet friend Christina. If you live in the Denton area check her out at Davanti Salon off the loop, she is great at what she does! Avery did so good too!

The next video is of Avery doing what she does the most of...Dancing & Singing. Her 2 favorite songs (albeit against her mommy and daddys better judgement) are Jenifer Lopez's "On the Floor" and LMAFO's "Party Rock Anthem" this is her dancing to the latter of the two. I'll try to get a video of her singing her Veggietales songs or even my fave when she sings  Natalie Grants amazing song "Your great Name". Sorry she is in only a diaper, it was early in the morning before we had a bath.

She's so full of energy. :)


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