Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pardon me while I take a moment...

I feel like I'm having my Monday today rather than yesterday. Ever have one of those days that you just wonder out loud "I should go back to bed and have a do over!"? Yeah, thats my day today. Whoever termed Mondays as being the bad days was on to something...

It hasn't been a bad day, but Avery woke up around 5am with a fever and wanted to be held so I happily sat with her in the living room as we watched a few episodes of wonderpets and waited for the Advil to kick in. She went back down around 6:30 and then was ready to start her day again around 7:40. Seemed good until nap time which she needed BADLY because she didn't take one until late and she ate a lot of lunch (not like her) and not even 10 minutes after Evan left for work, she woke up crying and vomitting. Bless her heart, she finally crashed on the love seat after her 2nd bath and some sprite. She didn't want me to dress her and just asked me to play with her hair while she laid down. I love being needed like that but not when I know she isn't feeling good. One of the hard parts in mommyhood is when your sweet one needs you and it seems like your efforts with medicine, patience and TLC don't seem to do the trick at all.

So with her finally resting (which I'll regret when it comes bedtime and she's not tired) I finally got a shower in (again today, yay for being the target when the vomitting starts happening) and decided...Mommy needs some Mommy time.

And now that I'm sitting here, my mind has just spaced out on me. UGH. I haven't been able to update too much and I know there's plenty to update you sweet readers with but right now my mind is just too fatigued. Go figure.... :)

I will say since we finally got internet and cable installed I have fallen victim to two sites.  Pintrest and Swagbucks, seriously, I'm hooked. They are so addicting and the recepies I have been finding are so easy and amazing just to look at. plus the easy crafts people pin are just so awesome. If you haven't checked them out, I suggest you do so, soon. We also got skype finally too, so add us if you have it (TxHartfields).

It's also ridiculously hot, just saying...day 25 of triple digits has pretty much kept us inside and struggling to keep cool. I know, I know I'm a Texan I should be way used to this by now....still though, enough!

I'll try to come up with a legit update soon, maybe later tonight if my brain returns to me.

What book series have you ladies read and fallen in love with? I just started the Black Dagger Brotherhood and have a feeling I will finish these great books fairly soon as fast as I'm going through them :). With the library being so close we go a lot so I'd like to get a good list going.



  1. Not really a series, but check out anything by Lisa See. Her books are excellent.

  2. I love reading the House Of Night series by P.C. Cast. Kind of Twilight-esque. The writing can be childish at times, but you can get past it. The public library should have them. :)

  3. i like your new header! hope you get some rest soon, friend.



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