Monday, July 11, 2011

And here we go!

Update time!

I need to do this more often because I have so much to try to pack in here and keep you lovely readers into it. Such a hard job as a blog owner. :) I love having this small space though to just be me and the fact that others CHOOSE to read and comment on it well...that is just an added bonus for me in the "Things that make me happy" category of life.

Evan and I are trying to keep up with all these travel plans. After I listed all the upcoming trips we forgot to add 3 additional trips. Were going to Austin the 22nd-24th just Evan and I. Then I will be going to Asheville, North Carolina in late October to be there (hopefully) for the birth of my niece and to help my sister get into the swing of mommyhood. I'm excited and nervous about this trip. I've never been away from Avery longer than a day and Evans never been alone with her for longer than a few hours not that he can't handle her and not that he isn't a wonderful daddy... I just think it's going to be crazy for both of them without mommy around.

The last trip was 2 weekends ago and very random. We did something quite off the radar for us and just packed an overnight bag and decided on the direction and time limit for a drive (for Avery)and were going to get a hotel room and make a fun trip out of a random idea at the very last minute get away for the 4th of July. We ended up in Bossier City, Louisiana!!! I have never been to Louisiana which is very weird considering everywhere else I've been. We got a hotel room for $40!!!!! (thank you hot-wire) and just checked out a few places and didn't have a plan of action or an itinerary for over 30hrs. I loved it. I wish I had brought my camera but I forgot it and I kept forgetting to use my iPhone. We had fun though and Avert did so great in the car. We got back into town before going to a cookout with friends and then we were home and in bed before the fireworks went off haha yeah, not very patriotic this year.

The kittos are doing great, they love our backyards and low windows. Paris is like a brand new cat, she isn't shy or jumpy anymore. She wants to sit in your lap and she is all over Avery!! While Gus is mellow, watchful and has yet to show his affectionate side :( it's almost like they switched places while they were gone. 6am seems to be their time to play and fight and in return my time to wake up and start yelling and swatting at them. Lol we are definitely a family once again.

Avery starts school on August 15th, we're sad to say goodbye to MDO both as my job and as her school but this new place is more time and more structured for a good routine for her that I feel I'm lacking in with her (I'm a pushover at times). It also gives me a little more free time to focus on studying for the THEA so I can HOPEFULLY start college in the spring.

Now if only I knew what I want to do for a career..

Other than that were enjoying the summer. Avery has a new pool, I'm running 3 mornings a week and we are watching lots of movies and reading lots of books while keeping cool in this Texas heat. I read the entire Sookie stackhouse series ina week!! 10 books so far. And now I'm watching season 1 of TrueBlood. I like the books better simply because HBO is not shy on the foul language and nudity factor which doesn't bother me so much since sadly it's over done in all movies and shows on tv now, I just can't stand how all the naked girls have to look emaciated. Why can't it be realistic with a size 14 girl jiggling her non perky boobs on the screen with her true love being shirtless and sans a 6 pack of abs you could break your teeth on?! Let's be real here....

Off to bed for me. I'm trying to get out of the habit of staying up past 1 and waiting for Evan to get home and I usually run at 630am so I can enjoy the sunrise and cooler temps.

More to come later, Harry Potter Friday will have me crying for sure.



  1. *cough* NURSING *cough*

    And kudos on the running in the Texas summer!

  2. *cough* NOT TEACHING *cough*

    My favorite quote of the whole blog? "a 6pack you could break your teeth on." :) You have such a way with words!

  3. great job in the running, britt! one of these days, let's run together! or therese can come down here to visit you (and i can finally meet her) AND the three of us can run :)



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