Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just a random thought bubble (with pictures).

So....I am in love with Photography. Always have been since I was a little girl, maybe because my mom was a film stripper in a huge Dallas publishing warehouse. I have so many memories of sitting in her office with her partner and watching them strip the negative film and put it in place for a magazine or book and it always looked fun. I also loved walking through the different departments and seeing how those negative prints were morphed into real pages in a book that I got to take home.

With the ideal of going to college looming ever closer I am just in a huge debate over what I actually want to do with myself outside of being mommy and wife. I want as laid back job where the atmosphere is ever changing and the schedule is flexible enough that I can still be hands on mom and devoted wife. Sounds fair enough right?

I have recently done several photo sessions for friends and family and while I have not one reason to boast on my editing skills since I am still learning how to do that process (which is half the fun), nor my camera skills as I can't even go into detail on the camera I use...I will just say this.

I love it. I love every aspect of it. From the location scouting, the design aspect, the vibe I want to create, the images I see in my mind, to the actually getting people to pose and smile for me and then creating a lasting memory and turning it into a form of art. I love it.

Here's a scatter of a few pictures from a few mini-sessions I have done. Give me honest input. I may talk myself into doing more with this photography thing than it just being a hobby...

Just a random thought that was in my head today......

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  1. You should go for it! You definitely have talent, my dear! :) Gorgeous pics!



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