Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary.

Evan and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary on Thursday. I must confess, I can not believe it's been 5 years already. Where did the time go?!

We've been blown away by all the love and support and congrats thrown our way via FB, txt msg's, phone calls, e-mails and even a few cards in the mail. It's like a record to some people!

I am so Blessed.

We had a low key day, Pj's for half the day watching movies with Avery. Then we headed to Denton where Evans parents graciously watched Avery while Evan and I went on a date. We're not too big on going out all fancy so I loved being able to go casual to one of my favorite Denton resturants and just relax and unwind with Evan. We went to El Matador and talked about dream kitchens, new cell phones and over all video game skills (we embrace our nerd-ness). Then we went to window shop for new phones since we get to upgrade on the 19th. I want an iPhone, Evan wants a windows phone. Thoughts? Advice? We have AT&T and we LOVE them.

After dinner we went and saw the latest Chronicles of Narnia. Let me just say....I am so proud of Fox for letting the movie promote Christianity more powerfully than Disney did with the last 2. I haven't left a movie feeling that good in a long time and I was in tears over several key parts as well. Evan and I loved it and want to go see it again.

We kept it low key as I said especially since we actually had plans for New Years for once but that's for another post.

What's a key piece of advice you have gained during your marriage that has worked for you?

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