Sunday, January 23, 2011

Avery's Newest Addiction.

I will be the first to admit that my 2 year old is a movie junkie. You offer her anything Disney or Pixar related and her attention is locked entirely. She sings the songs, she quotes the words, it's cute but it also bothered me that I may be allowing her too much free time in front of the TV. So we have decided to hide the DVD's away for awhile and focus on more number time, alphabet time, books and outdoor time (weather permitting).

Well, now instead of a movie during lunch before her nap time we have started watching PBS. I grew up with Sesame Street (Who didn't?!) but not a fan. She could care less about Grover, Elmo, Big Bird...she's just not into any of it. What is she into?

This Guy!

This is Whyatt or Super Why. Avery's BF if you ask her. Anytime Whyatt and his friends appear on the screen to solve a problem she jumps for joy and screams like a Justin Bieber fan and shouts "SUPER W-HY!?". She also loves the other characters but Whyatt, he's her crush. The show teaches kids about the Alphabet and solving puzzles by using teamwork and books, it's really cute and Evan and I like watching it too, amazingly it has some key life lessons that grabbed our attention off and on. The there's the catchy theme song that gets stuck in your head ALL THE TIME!!!

Who’s got the power?

The power to read.
Who answers the call for friends in need?

Super WHY!
Super WHY!
He’s the guy, he’s Super WHY!

Who’s got the power?
The power to read.
Who looks into books for the answers we need?

Super WHY!
Super WHY!
and the Super Readers, we’re gonna fly,

Come along
With the Super Readers.
Adventure waits when you’re with Super WHY!

Super WHY and the Super Readers yeah
Super WHY and the Super Readers.

Adventure waits when you’re with Super WHY!

Yeah Super WHY!

Or my favorite show ender that lately has me giggling when I sing it to Evan during all the stress and chaos of our current situation. At first, he would just glare at me and tell me to grow up but now, we both bust out with it and laugh.

Hip hip hooray, the super readers saved the day.

We changed the story, we solved the problem.
We worked together, so hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray(hooray!), the super readers saved the day!

Check it out and let me know if you DON'T get that jingle stuck in your head. Just another perk of Mommy hood I suppose, however I'm not sure how I am going to explain to my 2 year old that Whyatt can't come over and play because he's an animated character and not a real "cute boy!" or even how to reassure Evan that at 2 his daughter is already boy crazy and he should brace himself for the teen years. :)

Calling all Super Readers, Calling all Super Readers!

Brittnye & Co.


  1. actually..Whyatt reminds me of Evan.. Maybe that's why she likes him? And we watch PBS too. Durring lunch and then before dinner there are some awsome bigger kid shows; Martha Speaks, Arthur, Electric Company and Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. Seriously all the songs get stuck in my head but at least it's NOT Justin Biebers' Baby baby Blah!!



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