Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year in Review.

I've done this 2 years in a row now and it makes me really see the impact a year makes. Enjoy!

* Life got busy!
* Recovering from Avery turning 1 and the holidays (we had a white Christmas!!)
* Enjoyed snow in Texas that lasted longer than 2 days.

* Avery got RSV :(
* Record Snowfall in TX
* Lots of Dr. Appointments

* I turned 25 and Evan turned 26.
* Cut all my hair off!
* I started running

* Allergies are evil.
* Arts/ Jazz festival, GermanFest, and more.
* Spent Easter with the best people ever!

* Mother's Day :)
* End of school year for MDO, I miss my kiddos.
* Summer starts for me and Avery.

* family reunion at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.
* Baby Krystal is born and I become a Aunt!
* Chevy stays with us for a while.

* 4th of July at Grapevine Lake. FUN!
* Dads B-day at Lake Ray Roberts.
* We went to the lake a LOT

* Therese came to visit!!!!
* We got Fifi, Avery's 1st pet. (who died Dec.27th)
* MDO starts up again. New class, new age group!

*Potty Training round 1
* I did my first fun/run
* New goals set for myself.

* Rough times, God grace shined through.
*Halloween (my cupcake fairy was too cute!)
* Matt passed away (Evans family pet kitty who lived 14+ years)

* Nan's B-day (I love that woman)
* Desi visits.

*Avery turned 2!!!
* Evan and I celbrate 5 years of marriage (see previous post)
* Best Holidays yet full of friends, family and baking!

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