Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Is it just me or is it something about Thanksgiving that puts you in a mellow type mood for 48 hours after it takes place? Maybe it's just the turkey coma talking but I hardly did anything at all today due to the lack of energy to do it! How on earth do those crazy black friday advocates do it?! They frighten me anyway, anyone who can be so determined to get an item on sale for a whopping 10% discount in the middle of the night or even camp out for days are not to be messed with. People have been killed over black friday items, that's just insanity at it's best.

Bless you retail employees for dealing with it all!

I had a good Thanksgiving, full of stress, running late, family drama (My brother refused to come with us last minute) and a fussy toddler but overall I think I'm just overly sensitive these days and am doing my best to ignore my negative feelings at least for my family side of the day. Evans family was very low key and laid back and after all the stress and rushing to get to my dad and step moms it was a nice change of pace to end the day. I'll share a few photos that I posted on FB already, I didn't take too many this year. But first I'll share this quick video of Jarrod pushing Avery around, she cracks up so much. and sorry the quality is not that good.

and a few pictures...
My Sweet Girl is getting so BIG.

Avery LOVES her baby cousin, Krystal.

7th Thanksgiving together.

Monday I'll start putting up decorations and the tree, last year I boycotted it with Avery learning to walk I could only imagine the chaos. This year however, I am more than excited to get into the holiday spirit and start teaching Avery about Baby Jesus's birth as well as Santa Claus. My idea is to gradually add decorations over the week but get the tree done overnight with Evans help so she'll see it in the morning. then start noticing the increase of nutcrackers and lights.

Christmas will be here before we're ready for it. On top of that my sweet girl will be 2 on the 19th. It boggles my mind how she can already be so big and entering the toddler phases of life (more like running by them). I'm also caving. Averys hair is beyond out of control with so many odd layers and degrees of thickness...I'm getting it cut so it can start growing faster and in the same length. Pray for me friends, I know it's just hair but it's a part of her, therefore it's a treasure and I waited soooo long for it to come in and's just a mess I can barely keep styled.

I'll leave with a question. What's 1 Christmas wish you have and 1 thing you want for Christmas? I may post my top 5 things later in December. Apparently, I'm hard to buy for or so my family and husband say and I got all 3 of us a Amazon Wishlist to help them out but I seriously hate making a list of things I want, I feel guilty! I'm so not a good gift receiver, I always feel awkward and don't know how to react or what to say because I don't like being suprised and as I have now stated 3 times, I feel guilty.

Have a wonderful Post Thanksgiving weekend.
Britt & Co.

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