Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Pt.3

Today is THANKSGIVING. I'm going to finish my Thankful list and then post another entry for today after it's officially over (why I am up at 2:30am is beyond me).

  • Day 15- I am THANKFUL for God's Creativity: Driving my commute from Fort Worth to Denton I pick up little pieces of just how creative God can be. The changing of the leaves from season to season with such vivid and eye catching colors, to wonderful tapestry like sunsets and a wide variety of wildflowers in bloom all make you wonder how he did it all.

  • Day 16- I am THANKFUL for Laughter and the simple joys in life.

  • Day 17- I am THANKFUL for my Blog. Having a little space all for myself to vent, blab, ponder, share and enjoy the same from sweet friends is an escape for me as well as a fountain of wisdom and helpful dose of staying in the know with some VIP's and I love it.

  • Day 18- I am THANKFUL for my Kittos. Paris and Gus have been my confidants, crying companions, parenting skill trainer, loyal companions, alarm clocks and selfless affection hoggers for 5 years. They are so different from one another but both have unique personalities and I know to some they are just cats but these two are my fur-children and have been with me through thick and thin and have picked me up when I was down and made me mad when I was apparently too happy :P. No matter what's going on I know I am needed by them and that's a comfort.

  • Day 19- I am THANKFUL for CARBS. Yeah, I said it. I can never turn down an amazing fresh bread. Who cares about calories or fat. Enjoy life. Eat Bread.

  • Day 20- I am THANKFUL for Music. Sometimes a Song can say what we can't and other times a song can take us back down memory lane or put in to perspective something we couldn't. It has the ability to soothe us and move us.

  • Day 21- I am THANKFUL for TEACHERS. I'll share a few who influenced me growing up: Ms. Donna Larusso (Schroader), Ms. Judy Palermo, Mrs. Susan O'Rear, Ms. Pam Lane, Mrs. Susan Curtis, Mr. Paul Tagliabue, Mr. Mark Baker, Ms. Cheryl Ellis, Mr. Joel Hayes, Mrs. Jeanean Abney, Mr. Scott Gibson, Ms.Georgeanne Burlage, Mr. Doc Bowman(RIP), Mr. Luke Frels, Mr. Tracy Heron, Mr. Mark Kammon. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. For all you do and have done for all the students you have had and to all the teachers out there who are making a difference in a childs life.

  • Day 22- I am THANKFUL to live in The United States of America.

  • Day 23- I am THANKFUL for the roof over my head. It may not be the best place, it may be small and cramped but it keeps me warm, safe, dry and gives me a place to call home and a place to raise my daughter and to make memories for her to cherish when she is older.

  • Day 24- I am THANKFUL for YOU.

  • Day 25- I am THANKFUL for THANKSGIVING. To help remind me once a year just how richly blessed I am in life and how Thankful I am to have such amazing people surrounding me with love and wisdom, friendship and laughter and how it helps me to not lose those things for which can easily be taken for granted.

Blessings, Love and lots of Turkey today,
Britt & Co.


  1. "these two are my fur-children and have been with me through thick and thin and have picked me up when I was down and made me mad when I was apparently too happy :P." hahaha, awesome.



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