Saturday, October 2, 2010

ParentHood = Worries

Tonight I went and saw a sneak preview of the movie "Life as we know it".

I wasn't expecting much besides a little alone time and the coolness of seeing a movie a week before it came out but instead I laughed like I haven't in a long time and cried more than I'd like in a public place. Being a mommy I could totally relate to the characters as they learned how to raise a 1 year old and it made me feel like I was in the cool club since I've been there and done that and wished that hadn't happened at times....

It also gave me a very uneasy feeling of not having a plan so to speak....It's no secret that in the movie this precious little girls parents are both killed in an accident and left to be cared for by 2 single mutual friends of her parents..I knew that going in but it still hit me hard....I sobbed so hard during this part of the movie and felt heartsick...What if something like that were to happen to Evan and I? Who would take care of Avery? What would happen with her?

When we were in our third trimester I remember our insurance lady calling and asking how I was doing and wondering if we'd like to look into making out our wills so things could be done in preparation for our new life chapter...Evan and I laughed about that phone call because we couldn't fathom anything happening to us so young and at the same time....but then Avery was born. You instantly fall in love with your baby the moment you see their tiny face, you feel a sense of obligation and pride and you indistinctly want to protect them from all the bad things in the world. Your attitude and views change I mean....having a child is life altering in so many ways (all positive!). We hadn't even left the hospital when Evan and I started talking about who we'd want as Avery's God-parents, who we'd want to raise her if something should happen to us, what we wanted her to grow up knowing, the kind of schools and interest she should have to help nurture her etc.etc.etc.

She has a wonderful God-father and God-mother but they don't seem to be into kids at all, they rarely see her and we rarely see them and they never ask about her unless we bring her up which we do all the time because we'll..we're parents. However, in the 21months of Avery's life we have made so many new friends, we've grown apart from others we wished we hadn't and also some we were thankful to part from.

Maybe we're too old fashioned here? Is this something most parents already sort out before they even have children? Do you parents out their have a plan in case something happens? It was always my thought that God-Parents were the ones you would want your child to look up to and be the ones to raise your child if heaven forbid something happened to you both but I don't think in our situation that that would be a good thing for either side. The movie also pointed out a very true thing of...the two people never knew they were chosen by the parents and they never agreed to doing it but they did it because they loved the little girl.....I don't want to burden someone with that! 

Evan and I are going to sit down and make out our wills soon and look into a trust fund to start putting money in for Avery for college and what-not but I just can't help wondering who we could put under the subject line of raising Avery if something should happen to us both and thanks to this movie it worries me to not have a plan for her even though it's HIGHLY unlikely that Evan and I would both go together and leave her alone.

I could cry just thinking about it let alone the movie, which I may add is a really good movie and I highly recommend it because it's funny and so realistic and you get swept into it which is what movies are supposed to do to you.

Life is Precious.

Love & Blessings,
Britt & Co.

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