Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wait...let me catch my breath!

Seems that way in my mind anyways. Things have been BUSY here and I feel like I am always trying to just get a minute to catch my breath before going on the run again. LOVE IT.

Poor Avery had a bad virus and was out for 8 long, miserable days with anything you can think of for symptoms, I barely got sleep let alone a chance to be clean longer than an hour before we were both back in the tub. She cut 4 teeth on top of the virus, I mean seriously?! Can the girl just get a cold and be done? Seems like anytime she gets sick she gets hit hard and it takes awhile for her to recover from it.

Evan caught something and was out for 2 days with flu-like symptoms, needless to say Dr. Mom was on call 24/7 and then Mrs. Clean (I'm witty, I know) was on night duty (my only free time) being a spokesperson for all things lysol and clorox branded. My house smelled top-notch sterile. Gus & Paris were not amused nor happy with me, thier little noses seemed to be permanently stuck in that "I smell poopy" face. :)

Speaking of fur-babies. The Hartfield family pet, Matthew passed away last friday 2 days after Evan and I had agreed to bring him back with us from Missouri  when we go up at Thanksgiving, he was having some problems at his "college-home" that seemed like rebellion but I think (since it's not quite written in stone how he passed away) that he had kidney failure. He was 16 years old!!! That's quite a life for a cat.

A few pics of Matt & Evan:
He had the personality of a grumpy old man. hehe

So that was our sad news of the week, went from one e-mail about him needing to come back to Texas and was followed 2 days later with the news of his passing. :(

Other than my family being out with sickness and Matts death I haven't had much of a life. I went out on 3 runs last week (LOVING IT) and saturday I even went on my roof and cut all the low lying branches my landlord has promised to remove for over a year ( I felt all Moxie!) on top of laundry and cleaning....oh the joys of domestication. :)

Tomorrow, Avery and I are off to a Pumpkin patch...actually the same one we took these at

If only I could have bottled her up last year when she was at this much cuteness.
Sadly, due to finances we won't be doing Halloween or a costume this year but I have found a cute orange and black PJ set she may wear on the night of.

So yay for the pumpkin patch tomorrow and then Saturday we're doing our Family Pictures!!! I am beyond excited for these! oooooooooh so excited. Then a farewell party Saturday night for a dear friend moving to Hong Kong (That makes 2 now, hmmm) and then going back to church after 2 weeks away...BUSY BUSY BUSY I tell ya.

Hope you enjoyed my nothing-ness of an entry. :)

Love & Blessings,
Britt & Co.


  1. Love all the pictures, Britt. :)

    Never thought about kidney failure, but it makes sense. :(

    This year for Halloween, Ari is going to be a Hippie and Anthony is going to be Luigi.

    Love you! (((hugs and kisses)))

  2. Hahaha!!! I accidently signed on Brent's account. Now it looks like he was telling YOU "hugs and kisses". :D So I'd better sign on as me, so that you can see WHO is really writing you.

    ((hugs and kisses from me & Ari & Anthony. Brent just sends hugs.))



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