Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lesson Learned.

 We have had such low-key weeks with Evan and Avery recovering from being sick that I eagerly awaited the weekend to head to Denton and actually get out of my house! Plus, we've had things to do for once and a social life makes me a happy girl.

Avery and I joined some pals at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Village on Friday. We had such a good time but when lunch time came around Avery got hay fever so bad and was a miserable mess. we rushed to wal*mart for some allergy relief and she slept the following 4 hours. I felt so bad for her. We were going to go to the big Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound on Tuesday but I'm thinking we'll skip it now that I've seen what happens to her when she's around lots of hay.

We had our professional photo-session yesterday and Avery was a little stinker the majority of the time! She didn't want to sit with us, didn't want to be held, didn't want to smile at all but she did want to run off, throw tantrums and ignore our pleas like crazy...*sigh* Toddlers. Thank goodness we're friends with Sarah and Drew and they know we're not horrible parents with a bratty child. I can not appreciate them and their patience enough from yesterday. Sarah is so talented and sweet with Avery, I know we'll have several good shots to choose from.

The only bad thing I can say that happened yesterday was an accident with Evan and Avery, she was being super wiggly in his arms and when he tried to adjust his hold she fell out of his arms and landed on the ground....daddy being 6'2 it was quite a fall in right in front of Sarah, Drew and myself...Evan felt HORRIBLE and it was the 1st time he's dropped her whereas I have dropped her a few times but have usually caught her mid fall to let her slid down me instead. Bless his heart, he felt so bad the rest of the day. She is sporting a slight bruise on her temple and a patchy raw spot on her face... here's a pic.
her left eye and cheek were just a tad swollen and below her left eye you can see where she scrapped the ground, her bruise is covered by her hairline luckily. This pic was 2 hours after it happend.

After the fall she let us hold her and actually cooperated with us to get some shots, it was close to the end of the shoot and she very tired. She passed out on the way to lunch and was snoring before we left the drive-thru.

We then enjoyed the UNT Homecoming Parade from Nan & Gary's bedroom. Having in-laws live on the square has a lot of perks and this was just one of them. Avery loved it! Nan snuck out the camera and took lots of candids of us with her (which are posted on FB) I'm so glad she did this, such a sweet moment to have captured of my little family. Plus, Avery was all smiles for Nana once she noticed the camera was in her hand but for our early shoot....Pfft. Yeah right. Again, what a stinker!!!
My little fam-fam checking out the parade..I love her hand on my she claims me...and I love how she looks like a hot-mess thanks to her McDonalds happy meal and a sprite to get her all hyped up.

Posing for Nana.

Jarrod showed up and ended up staying for the evening which was a delight, I know Evan sure enjoyed getting bro time in and Avery just adores her Uncle Jarrod. It was a nice quiet evening  with the 4 of us while N&G went to a funeral and then out with friends (which I must say is about dang time for them to get some fun time).

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this weekend and have a great week. Not to mention the Rangers won and the Cowboys seem to be doing better today as well so it's a good end to the weekend. We're supposed to get some rain this week and I for one am looking forward to it. Bring on the cooler temps as well.

Love & Blessings,
Britt & Co.

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