Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finding the Silver Lining in the middle of the night.

Well, round one of Avery's costume is complete. She and it both survived the church's fall festival with only a few cupcakes gone MIA. I'll take it. There were some tears when putting it all on, I think she was overwhelmed with all the pink and she let Evan and I know she wasn't happy with us making her wear it all by refusing to do anything for us at the festival. Thank goodness for my in-loves, they took her around the majority of the time and she played games and got some candy in return. She was WORN OUT by the time we got back to their house and after a bath she didn't put much of a fuss to go to bed. We all watched the Ranger came before though, we would have kept her up from all our yelling anyways. :) Here's a few pictures....

The Cupcake Fairy's Wings.

Playing some games for candy!
(I bought the wings at wal*mart, cut out paper cupcakes and glued them to her wings, tutu and shoes)
Not too bad right?

Tomorrow we aren't going to do much for Halloween, we're going by a few close friends homes on our way back to Fort Worth for Avery to trick-or-treat at. So far when I get her to try practicing saying "Trick-or-treat" she just shrugs and screams "I Cute!" *Sigh* She's so my daughter.

I can hardly believe that Monday will be NOVEMBER. This year is starting to fly by and it's about to get crazy busy for us but at the same time, I'm welcoming it because it's the start of a new chapter. We're so ready to let all the negative of this year and more so of this season just be gone and done with.

Evan and I have had a hard time staying positive with our struggles financially as of late but one thing remains firm...we do not let Avery see us at our weak moments. She has no idea what's going on with us and that's all I can hope for. I hope she never knows our struggle to bring food home or keep electricity on or how we boil water on the stove to give her a hot bath because we can't afford our gas bill. I hope she never remembers the nights daddy doesn't come in until close to 10pm because he's working late after school so he can try to get more money for us. It hurts to see Evan have this pressure on him when we're both trying so hard. I know it'll pass, I know it's temporary but it's scary to think we don't know how we're going to make ends meet from one week to the next, it's scary to know you have no savings but you have a family and life is ALWAYS unpredictable.

Oh well, nothing to stay sad over, we'll get by like we have the past month (which still amazes me how we've pulled it off and THAT can only be a God thing). I just pray (selfishly) that we can overcome this before Avery's birthday and Christmas, I'd hate to have to cancel her birthday or have a tree with nothing to give her or Evan under it. That'll break my heart and I KNOW that's so ridiculous because it's not about the material me, I am beyond humbled in the blessings God has given me and I still get overwhelmed when I hear Evan and Avery giggling in another room , or when Avery snuggles with me and whispers she loves me or even just whispers my name with her nose pressing mine. I am rich in blessings, my cup runneth over and that's the only reason my head is still semi-held up with dealing with the scariness of our situation right now.

Which must be obvious because so many people are shocked when they find out what's going on with us. We don't really scream out "We're in need!" in public. I've been reading Isaiah and Proverbs this past week and am searching for the lesson Gods giving me in my life right now. I know this is all part of it and in the end my reaction and how I handle it will be a reflection of my walk with Christ so there's no way I'm taking the chicken way out of it all.

Alright, soapbox time is officially over, just be mindful in your prayers of us please.

You know your getting old when it's barely 11pm on a Saturday night (All Hallows Eve at that) and your about to pass out from sleepiness. We're in for a treat at church in the morning with a country christian band "Branded" doing the morning service at MSBC.I'm looking forward to it. As well as fixing Averys outfit again and going to our friends places tomorrow night.

My sister will be here next Saturday through the 16th and I'm so happy.  I'll get to get some things done while she's here and willing to watch Avery (spoil her more like it) as well as that means after she leaves we're a week from Missouri. Oh, to get out of dodge for a bit and go on a road trip to be with some amazing people is just what my spirit needs!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Be Safe and have fun.

Blessings & Love,
Britt & Co.

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