Saturday, May 23, 2009


Avery is a mover!!

I was all ohhh's and ahhhhh's when she finally showed us she could roll over but now. THE CHILD WON'T STOP MOVING. We no longer put her on the couch with us or on the bed because it takes 2 seconds for her to get on a roll and head face first off them while laughing. Can we say heart-attack inducing?! Yes.

We have several pallets of blankets and pillows (used for road blocks) in our living room where she giggles as she rolls around everywhere. Another thing she is doing.... attempting to crawl! Yep, you read right, CRAWL. Although she can get up on her hands and knees well, once she starts moving she falls on her face but keeps her legs going so she literally crawls on her face resulting in this......

As well as this....

Not sure how well you can see it on this pic but she has rug burn on her forehead and her cheek from scooting off her blankets onto our carpet on her face. You would think that would hurt her but she seriously has a giggle fit every time she gets to scooting on her head. The child is such a trip.

She is only 5 months but I promise you, she will be crawling by July. She is just too smart and rushing through her stages. I wish she could sit up on her own at least before getting so used to being on her hands and knees. She's eating more cereal and as soon as Evan and I get back from TN in 3 weeks we are starting her on her veggies.

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