Wednesday, June 3, 2009

when it rains it pours..

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday.

Listen to your body!

This week has been so crazy as Evan and I get things ready for our "Adult" vacation. Lists are everywhere, things need to be packed, everything Avery owns pretty much has to get settled at the grandparents since this will be the first time we have been away from her! 5 days of just Evan and I on the road to TN.

So Friday night when I started getting sharp stabbing pains in my back, I thought "just stress" and went on with my daily grind. Saturday when we were at the Ranger game and I constantly felt flush and dizzy I thought "just the heat" however, on Sunday when I had to have Evan take me home in the middle of worship service, I knew something was wrong.

I'll spare you the TMI details but my body was fighting something hardcore and all I could do was sleep it off.

So Monday, I picked Avery up early from the sitter and Kym came to visit us. We went to eat at Ihop and again the stabbing pains hit and I couldn't breathe! We left then and there and Kym watched Avery while I took a nap and waited for Evan to get home. I kept thinking nothing of it, this week had been so crazy and stressful and there was no way I was going to get sick right before we left for our first vacation.

Things got progressively worse through the night, I was burning up yet had severe chills, everything ached from head to toe, my head was throbbing...I was a mess. Evan got a hot shower going for me, Bad. Idea. It only made things worse for me, I ended up passing out and Evan was washing my face with a cool rag asking if we should go to the ER since I was scaring him. Since my insurance ended May 31st that was the last thing I wanted to do, we haven't paid off Evans medical bills from October yet. By 5am I thought I was dying I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I just hurt so bad! Evan went online and made me an appointment for Care Now. They didn't call us until 8am. Got dressed and passed out in the car then saw the doctor at Care Now. My fever was 102.2, my white blood cell count was 14000 (normal is 9000), I was dehydrated and they sent me to HEB immediately to be admitted for antibiotics and fluids, apparently I was in very bad shape.

Got to HEB where my body couldn't stop shaking, they checked me in and then made us wait an hour in the ER lobby until a bed was free. I was in SO much pain from my back and head hurting, I even told a lady to "shut up" who was talking ridiculously loud on her phone. I normally would NEVER be so rude but I was hurting so bad. Avery was so great, we didn't have time to take her to the sitter's so she was with us and never fussed! Evan took care of her until Nan showed up at the hospital and took her to our house. I stayed at HEB for 9 hours under heavy fluids and antibiotics, they told me my right kidney is only doing about 30% of it's job. We did a Cat scan and x-rays to check for stones which there were none. In the end this is the same thing I had when I was pregnant with Avery. I was hospitalized in October and November for this and they told me it would probably happen again and later in life might become a kidney disease. All in all I just have to take precautionary measures (Not so much soda and salt) and that now that I know the symptoms to not ignore them and get to a doctor as soon as I feel it happening again.

Yeah, this weeks been crazy.

I'm home now, taking my meds. My fever spiked last night to 103.4 and we thought we would have to go back to the ER, I stuck it out though and it finally broke. Today has been a roller coaster, I take my meds every 6 hours. My fever spikes then breaks all while I get massive back pains and chills where my body won't stop shaking. Hopefully by tomorrow my body will be used to the meds and we go on with our trip..

Thank God for Nan! She is still here taking care of things while I rest up and get better, she went and bought Avery a new excersaucer and is currently putting it together while Avery watches. I don't know what I would do without this wonderful woman, I definitely count my blessings with her, she is the best mother in-law a girl could dream for.

I might update once more before we head to TN but if not I hope you all have a safe and blessed week. Thank you sooo much for the prayers and love and support! They were felt and appreciated.

We love you guys and gals. 

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