Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can I say I'm suprised? Nope.

Went in yesterday only to be fired!

I've never been fired before and I thought I would feel different then I do but in all honesty, I'm relieved and I feel as though they did me a favor. My child comes first and she always will, I went and looked through my hours since I came back from my maternity leave, I have only used 2 sick days and left early/come in late 3 times due to her. So, how my boss could sit there yesterday and tell me "Since you've had Avery you have become undependable and we need someone who is dependable doing your job." I will never understand. I have no hard feelings or bitterness towards any of my co-workers or boss. I love them and even with how bad things got towards the end I'm free of it and I can now breath easy!

I truly feel this is a God thing. How he worked everything and the timing and how and when it all happened is just seriously in my opinion is opening more opprtunities for me that I was not allowing myself to think about. I already have 2 job interviews this week!!!

Can I just say how much better I feel in general?! I just feel so relieved. I hate saying that too but if you guys only knew how heavy my hear was becoming and how much I was not liking my work enviorment. I wouldn't have ever had the courage to put in my 2 weeks notice even though there were times I should have due to things said to me but I kept thinking of my 4 other co-workers and what it would do to them if I wasn't there (Workload wise).

Pray for me and finding a new job, I know the economy and available employment is low but I have so many skills and years of experience at least 3 areas I know it shouldn't be hard to find something. Plus, with Evan working full time I think this is just God's way of saying "Sister, spend time with your baby and let me do the searching."

Happy Mother's Day to the mommies too! Avery gets dedicated tomorrow at church, I am sooooo excited.


  1. aaaamen sister, spend some time with that baby girl!!!

  2. oh no! i'm so sorry. do you think it was because of the post about looking for a new job? at least you get to spend some good quality time with that sweet baby girl :)



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