Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 Alyssa Jane turned 1 on Sunday. Hard to believe it's been a year already! I've dealt with my denial, I had a good cry, I boxed up tiny baby mementos and looked over her baby pictures all while whining to Evan about how time needs to slow down.

Alyssa facts:
She's 21lbs, is 31inches tall (99 percentile). She has 4 teeth and is almost walking solo. She likes to read books, clap to music, sing songs and watch Bubble Guppies. 

Her Faves: Blueberries, bananas, French fries, yogurt bites, waffles and green beans.

Not so faves: Pasta, peas, strawberries, beef anything and oatmeal.

My sweet, joyful, giggly girl. How I adore your smile and love your laugh. You make our family complete. You are such a blessing to your daddy and I and I know you make your big sister awfully proud with all your milestones and achievements. 
We are truly thankful God chose you for us. How I miss your kicks and bizarre cravings during my pregnancy, how we laughed at how you would react to Avery's voice versus your daddy's. The day you were born, I was so calm and happy. I was never afraid or nervous, I wasn't even anxious. You came on your due date all on your own in what was an easy delivery. You were bright eyed and curious of everything around you and you slept! I knew then you were going to be amazing.
 The past 365 days you have stirred things in my heart, you've helped me slow down and reminded me to stop and take in what's happening around us. You've  created new bonds with your sister and family and even friendships we owe to you and your "cuteness". You are a very loved girl. I hope you always know this first and foremost. That you are loved, you are cherished and you are priceless my sweet girl.
 Your personality shines like the sun. You are so spunky and happy ALL the time. You hardly cry unless your impatient about food or ready for bed. You love music and bubble guppies. You sing anytime your can and are a hoarder or binkies and books. I hope these things never change, well, the binkies of course but everything else is so you.

Happy Birthday, Darling BaBoo.
Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Avery 

Stay tuned for pictures from her 1yr photo shoot. Coming soon! 

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