Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Avery Claire!!!

I hate that I didn't get to post this on Avery's birthday as I have the last 3 years but truly, life is always hectic around the holidays and her birthday seems to be the kick-off to the hectic-ness.

So yes. Hard to believe but...Avery turned 4 on December 19th!!! I seriously can not keep up with her sometimes and she just needs to stop growing up on us. She's no longer a toddler anymore and that was hard enough to handle when she left the chubby baby phase. This year we celebrated with a small party at Chuck E. Cheese, or as Evan and I code named it "Charles E. Queso". She had a blast and it was so sweet to see her surrounded by such fun friends.

She was a happy girl and got ridiculously spoiled with what seems like a million My little ponies. (Her new fave addiction)

Sweet Avery Claire,
 I doubt there will ever be a birthday that comes for you that I don't get emotional or feel overwhelmed by. You are still and continue to be the biggest and brightest light in your daddy and I's lives. You make us so proud and when we think of how it seems like just yesterday when you were brought into this world, way ahead of schedule, on a ridiculously hot December day....time truly has seemed to have flown by. You are 4yrs old now and going on 6! You are still one of the most polite kids we know, you never meet a stranger and your sweet spirit enraptures everyone you meet. Your smile is always on and your goofy laugh is infectious. Your love of the Lord makes me feel in awe. How you soak up everything and love to pray daily or recite your memory verses and get excited when you get it right. You are such a Blessing to us and our prayer for you this year is that you continue to grow in the Lords love and light, that you stay true to yourself and what you believe in and continue to grow in all ways. That your smile never fades, your laughter never dies and that you cherish each new thing this year brings you as you approach so many changes with becoming a Big Sister and soon.....Pre-School. I'll never stop kissing you and hugging you no matter how many times you wipe them away and beg me to stop, I love you so sweet girl and can't believe you are 4 now.


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