Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review....

I had thought I had posted about all the rest of December's crazy busy-ness but apparently I dreamed it. I'll remedy that soon.


Yes, 2012 has come and gone and we are all still here to enjoy the life given to us. For those of you who were worried about the end of days, there's a book called the Bible. Read the end of it, it should reassure you on a number of fronts.

No crazy partying for the Hartfields, what with baby Alyssa soon arriving we stayed in with Evans parents and kept it mellow and full of food and laughter and one adventure when the fireplace flute shut and the entire house filled with smoke.....never a dull moment.

Today was no different, more mellowness, more food and more family time. LOVE IT. Back to reality though for Evan and his folks as they go back to work. As for Avery and I, it's taking down Christmas decor and cleaning the house as we prepare for baby sister to make up her mind when in the next 2wks she will decide to come. :)
2012 in Review:

-Started Potty training Avery
-I got glasses for the first time in 9yrs.
-We got genetic testing to start the process of having another baby.

- Continued my nanny gig with the girls.
- Lots of baby showers since so many people had spring babies. :)
- I cut my hair.

-I turned 27 & Evan turned 28.
-We adopted a Dog.
- I let go of some people in my life and haven't regretted a moment of it since.

- Volunteering took over for me at the Shelter.
- Started getting more involved in our new Church Home.
-Went to Portland/Seattle to visit Jarrod & Sarah!

- Re-homed Janie to a wonderful family after some issues.
- Found out we were expecting baby #2!!!
- Ended my Nanny job.

- Announced our pregnancy. :)
- Spent more time outside as a family.
- Did several home projects.

- Went camping in the heat of Summer.
- Celebrated Dads Birthday. Enjoyed less crazy weekends.
- Fostered several litters of kittens.

- Continued fostering and re homing kittens.
- Enjoyed pregnancy.
- Evan dealt with work layoffs and productions days and was home more.

- Went on a mini-vacay to Wichita Falls.
- Avery started her 4th year at MDO
- Gender revealed: ANOTHER GIRL!!

- Enjoyed all things Fall.
- Started getting ready for baby.
- Stayed home more.

- Successfully blogged for each day about what I'm Thankful for.
- Evans grandmother fell ill.
- Enjoyed Thanksgiving local and low key.

- Evans Grandmother passed away.
- Avery turned 4!
- Spent a lot of time with tons of family old and new!

Reflecting on 2012 I must say, it was by far the BEST year for our family. Life has come full circle from the scariness of 2010 and I honestly haven't been this happy in a long time. Work is good, family is close, friends are plentiful, our church is amazing, Avery is thriving and soon we'll have another sweet girl to care and love to bring our family to completeness.

XOXO, Brittnye

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