Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7 Years.

Another crazy thing that happened this past month, Evan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!

It's almost the same with Avery's birthday year after year but honestly, it's just crazy to me to think it's been 7 years! Let alone that we've been in each others lives for 13yrs and together for almost 10! Yikes. Makes me feel old, when obviously, we're not.

So December 30th was our 7th anniversary, Evan had to work so we celebrated the week after with a fun date of Greek food and a trip to the grocery store together...yeah, so romantic right? I must say it's all on me though, I was miserably pregnant, didn't want to see a movie or go to a nice place for dinner I just wanted to have alone time with him while being productive because we didn't know when Alyssa was coming and since the grandparents had Avery for the night, we decided to just be productive and then crash early. Exactly what I wanted. (again, I know...I'm lame sometimes and bless Evans heart he so wanted to take me out and do something nice but I refused)

 Happy 7 years Beloved, we have truly been on an adventure and I wouldn't trade any of it (good and bad) for the world. You make me so happy and when I look back at where we came from to where we are now (We have 2 kids together! What?!) I just can't deny how truly Blessed you have made me. I love you!!!


  1. It's been amazing to see you all grow together as a couple, as individuals and as parents. Your love for each other and your two precious girls is simply amazing. Looking forward to seeing the new adventures that come your way. Love you all!!



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