Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let it Begin, Let it Begin!!! much for not getting in the holiday spirit this early..

I've been in debate over what to do this holiday season as far as budgeting for gifts and decorating the house since we won't be here for Christmas at all. We have no big plans for Thanksgiving, in fact...I'm not even sure where we're going or who we'll be with or if I'll be hosting and it's only 2 weeks away! (hmm)

Not to mention, Avery will be 3 in less than 6 weeks!!! Yep, THREE. (How is this possible?!) and 4 days from then we'll be in the car off for 11 days of travel and seeing family and sweet friends in over 5 states.

Christmas this year is going to be beyond amazing and I am so excited for the memories we'll be making since we'll be in a cabin in New Mexico. I know Evan and I will be setting up a small tree in the cabin and our plan (which is already set in motion) is to bring stockings for everyone and fill them up with goodies for Christmas morning as well as make our own decorations for the cabin the night before. I am super excited about some of the things we bought for Jarrod and Gary this year and even though Nan can be hardest to shop for, Evan has total faith in me and I'm working together a few little treats for her.

It kinda makes me giggle thinking that it's only November 9th and I've managed to buy a few gifts already and am getting my lists and details down for our trip for CHRISTMAS but happened this past weekend, traveling home I saw a lot of families and soldiers and business people all mingled together for this slew of reasons but it just brought it into prospective for me of how quickly the holidays will be upon us and how I always, always, ALWAYS procrastinate until the week of Christmas and go into panic mode. I mean HELLO, Thanksgiving is in TWO weeks.

I also got this gem of a magazine today and am suddenly so very ready to start my holiday baking!
(Not the real issue, this is last years Dec. issue)

Don't get me wrong though, I can not stand that stores already have Christmas stuff out already and sales for Christmas and are playing Christmas drives me NUTS. Thanksgiving deserves it's own month for decor and traditions and well, heck simple RECOGNITION for a really wonderful and traditional holiday our country was started on. It's the one time of year you can get together with family, eat some amazing family recpies and give Thanks to God for all your blessings.

So share with me sweet readers.... What's one thing you look forward to at Thanksgiving and what's one gift you received at Christmas that has meant the most to you?

I'm off to do more planning...


  1. so glad that you guys are going to have such a fun Christmas! what I'm looking forward to most at Thanksgiving is actually rest! we're not going anywhere except to Euless for a meal with my family but that's it. as far as my favorite Christmas present, it was my in-laws paying for our plane tickets to go with them to seattle to visit bryan's brother and his family. we were there for 10 days last year and it was so much fun.

  2. i can't really say i'm looking forward to either holiday bc it's really just any other day for me thanks to a terrible industry (that i would love to be a part of, if it meant being there to produce movies, etc, instead of dealing with the people who want to see movies.) BUT something positive about those holidays for me is that i'll get paid time and a half. that really makes up for nothing, but i will be able to pay off all the christmas spending thanks to that money.
    my most memorable christmas gift (slash graduation gift) was the road trip my parent's planned for me to go on. i remember my first present i opened from them that year- wind shield wipers. i thought that was pretty lame... little did i know it went along with the greatest gift i would receive- freedom! and yes, that trip led me to portland (surprised?) which i'm sure is still a sore subject for everyone (admittedly, including myself) bc of the distance, but that's life for you. haha
    i told jarrod you said you were excited about something you got him. that upset him bc he thinks whatever he gets you will be inadequate. i told him not to worry, you'll love it no matter what, bc it's from him. you may have to remind him though. you know how he is. ;)
    sounds like you're in for a fun few weeks. i'm very jealous!!! but also very happy for you. i wish i could meet ya'll at the cabin. someday i will not have such a greedy job and i will be there, but for now...i'll be there in spirit (and believe me, i will be wishing every single day that i was truly there. haha)

  3. @Sarah- Just the thought of Him being there makes me tear up, that to me is a better gift than anything he could buy me. I miss you both a lot and although I am your most vocal cheerleader here in Texas, I hate the distance and gaps between communication (FB doesn't do it for me, ya know?!). I'm so excited about our trip to see you guys in the spring, you have no idea!!! I guess mainly because you guys get to show us YOUR home, YOUR city, YOUR hangouts and all the other coolness factors that make it worth being away from everyone. We're proud of both of you!
    I'm glad you got to spend time with your family when you guys snuck down here and we tried to not hog your free time but danggit, it was not enough time.
    Remind Jarrod that something I think is amazing for him he may find lame so he shouldn't get upset over an idea that my gift is AMAZING because...some people don't like flannel undies. (Sad, but true)
    You'll get your goodies in the mail to open up and I hope it makes you cheer up and not allow those greedy movie-goers to turn you into scrooge. ;)



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