Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all my wonderful Friends, Family, Readers & Stalkers (you know who you are)...


I hope you remember what today is truly about and get to enjoy it with family, traditions, stories, laughter and of course FOOD. If your dumb enough to rush out with the crowds for materialistic items that give you minimal happiness and cut off the meaning of this day I hope you black Friday shoppers are safe as you rush out to find those "Deals" and remember to stay calm and not go crazy.

Avery is sick and we will not be doing anything today that requires us to change from our jammies and get off the couch. I'm a little bummed about this but she comes first and I would rather her get better than drag this Flu and Croup out any longer than need be. Plus side, food is being brought to us and I get lots of snuggle time in. Who can complain about that?!

I'm truly THANKFUL for so much this year, crazy to think this time last year we were so desperate for help just to put food on the table and keep our heat I'm sitting here looking around me at all we have now, how warm I am with the heat on low, how crowded my walls are with family pics, how I know Avery is safe and resting peacefully in her room, how content my 2 spoiled cats are in the respective dwellings on the couch and how ridiculously happy I am.

God is truly AMAZING.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those you Love and know I am THANKFUL for you in my life.


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