Monday, September 5, 2011

What was I thinking?

I almost forgot to update everyone with some Avery pics and videos! Here's a few latest, can you tell someone is in a ridiculous growth spurt? I can barely keep up with her sizes, in the last month we went from a 3T to now wearing 4T/5T and she completly skipped a shoe size and is now sporting a size 8! People do not believe us when we say she's 2 and a half and not 4!

Avery and Bailey playing "Wedding Day".

We finally parted ways with the crib and are now in a "Big Girl" bed. She's doing so good with it.

We had a huge boo-boo on Wed. Bailey slammed Averys head in the door. :( 3 huge knots, a small cut and a bruised eyelid. Poor thing, luckily her bangs covered up 90% of it.
She loves IKEA and loved getting into every bed and testing it was funny.
Avery and Nickel, Baileys dog. Avery loves making him howl, she cracks up when he barks.

And finally, I'll end with a cute video of Avery dancing with Stacy after we spent the day together being girls. Avery loves Foster the People and Loves to dance so it was funny.

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