Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hartfield Staycation 2011

We've been home for 5 hours now but I'm still in vacation mood/mindset.

I can not recommend Great Wolf Lodge enough to anyone thinking of a nice little getaway. We went last year for a family reunion and were iffy about a indoor water park with a 1 1/2 year old but Avery had a BLAST. This year...was 10x's better! Any and everything they had to offer for kids 5 and under, Avery did and enjoyed. We never left the resort, we ate, shopped, explored and relaxed and it was amazing. Evan is wanting to try the Kansas City location for our anniversary now without Avery and as much as we joke about being little kids, it's true....we'd totally go without Avery.

There was one little hitch in our weekend vacay but truth be told, I'm no longer furious about the situation because now that I've had a day to reflect on it I think the staff of the waterpark handled the situation the best they could and as much as I wanted to check back and see what happened to the disgusting man we reported....I have to just shrug it off and know we did the right thing and we protected our child first and foremost because, sadly, there are too many dangers to our sweet children lurking EVERYWHERE.

We ended our trip with a visit to this Awesome Aquarium at the Grapevine Mills Mall. Avery loved it but she is all about all things water and "Nemo" related. She even got to touch all the different corals and several starfish as a sweet employee explained to her some cool facts about them. She was hesitant about walking in the water tunnel....the concept of walking on see-through glass freaked her out but was hilarious to watch.

*sigh* I wish we could have stayed longer than the weekend. It was so much fun being disconnected from reality and having fun with Avery and Evans parents. I love those two so much and mom (Nan) and I had so much fun laying by the pool getting tans and talking about nothing at all.

12 weeks until Avery turns 3 and our next vacation starts. 2 glorious weeks in New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri and Kansas!!!

Enjoy some pics from this weekend and say Hello below.
Me & My Cuppycake

She's such a Daddy's Girl.

Pawpa reading bedtime stories. (same one he read to daddy when he was small)

Sporting the wolf ears.

Junk Food on vacation? Of course!

Playing MagiQuest. (Geek Love!)

The sweet shop. Best Smore's ever.

That's my sweet girl. She needs to stop growing up on me.
This was her last year at the Lodge :'(

She's still so cute.

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