Monday, September 5, 2011

Wait, it's outside?

Say it ain't so! Today was absolutely WONDERFUL. High in the mid 80's, strong breeze blowing. Seriously, if you didn't go outside today in North Texas you missed out big! Evan and I took Avery on a long walk after dinner tonight and it was even a bit chilly on occasion around the path by North Lakes. LOVE IT. This means fall is soon on it's way and after the brutal summer of temps over 103* on a daily basis....I think I can say we all are ready for it.

Tomorrow also starts the beginning of my favorite treat. Pumpkin flavored frappes and coffee at Starbucks! Yum yum, although since I'm now watching what I put into my body and trying to exercise more, I may only enjoy it once a month, if that. :(

Life has been going good for the Hartfield clan. We paid for a stay-cation at Great Wolf Lodge come end of September, we're getting ready for the Holiday season. I'm looking to start decorating the house for the Fall thanks to so many amazing ideas via Pinterest. We're slowly taking care of debt we accumulated from last year and that's a wonderful feeling as well. We're still looking for a new home church which has been a bit hard for us to agree on something and also to not conform to a church simply because so many others do but we also know it's not something you pick out of the blue. God has the best new home church waiting for us and we know he'll lead us there soon.

I promise I will not be lessening my blogs here with my new blog up now. Yes, it'll take more of my time but since it's pretty much all about what we as a family are now pursuing as a lifestyle, I like that I can come here and not go into it but just keep this blog as it's always meant to be about for the past 3 years. :)

What are you looking forward to most of all this September?

-Brittnye & Co.

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