Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There's no such thing as a stupid question!

I had an amazing mentor of a teacher in HS by the name of Ms. Ellis who was a beautiful woman from the inside and out and anytime you had a question or asked to ask a question she would say one of two things. "No you may not but thanks for asking." or "There's no such thing as a stupid question."

She was on to something.....

It has been No secret that Evan and I have had a rough if not brutal end to the year and struggled into the new year with lots of uncertainty. Our marriage suffered, our friendships were flip flopped and our faith was tested both individually and as a couple. I can only say that My God never failed me, he never mislead me and he was and is and always will be with me even when I feel in the dark. I had my share of doubts, I will not sugar coat it since I am human but in the end I always knew thing would get better.

I just wasn't aware they would be THIS good.

I can not remember being this happy in my life, ever. I can't remember my knees being so sore or my heart so full all at once. My husband is happy in his job ( a first ), our marriage is at a peak, we live in a safe and welcoming neighborhood in a town we cherish, we have sweet friends who are true jewels in our lives are a constant blessing and things we thought were just nice dreams to have are actually looking like a real deal in the near future for us.

It's just surreal. We are so afraid to embrace it all because we are just so not used to so much going right. Haha

Last night was a dark place for me, I was struggling with my emotions and feelings over the financial issuance were having in getting Paris and Gus home and out of boarding where they have been since february 28th. Many of you know the real struggles Evan and I were going through trying every option we knew was available to us in trying to pay off the large bill keeping them away from us. I had a rude conversation with a employee at the clinic and felt like giving my babies up so they could be happy an the bill could stop growing and we could just start paying it off. Then I got a random call from a sweet friend who said "have you thought about who you should pray for on this other than you and Evan?"

I didn't quiet understand her and kinda got that miffed feeling like "pray? Have you seen my knees lately? Have you seen the carpet by my bed and couch!?" I got the praying thing down thank you very much.

And then I understood her exactly! So there I was having an ugly cry on the couch, feeling pathetic and just...drained. And I let it go. Yep, I let my pride go and prayed and then did something truly embarrassing for myself...

I asked for help. I asked for help on Facebook and twitter in the middle of the night on a Tuesday of all days.

I asked what in my opinion was a "stupid question" and the responses in less than an hour were overwhelming! I am still trying to sort out my humbled and awed feelings by the 15 txt messages, 8 emails, 4 voicemails and 3 comments I received last night. I honestly didn't think the people who responded even were real readers of my Fb and twitter to be honest! Just shows you never know who may be paying attention to you. Some of you who responded and offered help I sadly haven't spoken to in months and even years! There just are no words....

So needless to say this morning I woke up and answered a few emails, made a few calls and by 3pm I suddenly had in my possession the 2000$ to get my babies home before the end of the day!!! Yeah I'm crying all over again right now with just the craziness and unrealness of today. It just seems to easy an yet it's the best thing we have received since moving into our new home.

I won't discuss the details out of repect but we are loved and blessed by so many people, people we were not even aware of as much as we should have been and we truly believe in paying it forward and kharma. We can only pray the opportunity to do the same kindness soon for someone in need. To my sweet friends who offered help I can not say Thank You enough and to that special and amazing "Guardianship owner" I love you and you are truly a wonderful person in my life....going on....well....a lot of years! (15years)

So here I am crying yet again. Paris is asleep by Averys door (she has stayed very Close to Avery tonight). Gus is glued to the window watching the yard sprinklers go off and my daughter squealed and just ran to them when she saw them in their crate and Megan told her they were coming home with us (Megan and Bailey rode to Fort Worth with us for support).
*funny side note* my car broke down in the busiest intersection in Denton less than a mile from home!!! Poor Megan had to push my car to the parking lot ( thanks to the one guy a teenager no less who helped us get into the lot) I'm so embarrassed to say this but..... I was in such a rush to go get my babies, I didn't notice my car was on EMPTY! Yep after 11 years driving, I ran out of Gas for the first time ever. *facepalm* good thing Megan found it hilarious and took the girls inside for a treat while Evans mom picked me and the kittos up and drove up the 2 minute rode to my house to pick up Megans car and go get them.

Yeah...... Never a dull moment with me. Haha we were laughing so hard about it.

So Paris and Gus took a few hours to get used to the new place, Avery would run to Paris and hug her and ask how she was doing. Sweetest thing ever. I keep taking pictires of them and can tell they are already over it. Now we are complete again, everything is just so good and all because I asked a "stupid question". Hard to imagine what would have happened had I let my stubborn pride stick in place. I doubt I would be crying tears of joy and have Gus laying on my lap right now purring contentedly like he has missed me as much as I have missed him.

If your not a pet owner or animal lover I doubt you will ever truly understand the love I have for these two or the happiness they bring us and why we fought so hard and so long to keep them with us.everyone should be so lucky.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


  1. I wish I could have helped! I did not see the FB post last night, but it sounds like some really wonderful people stepped in. So happy for you and your family. :)

  2. You helped me vent and get fired up for my furbabies. One great fur mamma to another.



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