Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bloggers block?

*insert update here*

Or just send me comments about why I should update and or what I should update about.


  1. Blog about what you're doing this summer, and Evan's new job! And take pictures next time you go to that lake you took me to last year. I keep wishing I could go back!

  2. I would like updates about what you're doing with the new house, progress of Gus and Paris getting home with their family, food you cook and/or eat (I like food porn), update on getting back into running, and pictures of Avery. :D

  3. I love you both so stinking much.

    @Therese we just got home from a day at that said lake :)

    @Jenn I just fell in love with a new brownie receipe

  4. Okay, a little late but . . .

    Blog about the contents of your purse. For some reason, I always find it interesting when I make lists of what's inside mine! :)



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