Monday, June 6, 2011

A little on the meh side.....

Seems like here in Texas the weather has decided that several 100 degree days seem perfect before summer officially starts so we can brace ourselves for whats to come. UGH! Sadly as beautiful as it looks outside the heat is just unbearable and Avery takes after her uncle Jarrod in the fact that she doesn't sweat when she gets overheated. Nope her hair gets damp, her face ubber red, and then she gets dizzy or so we think since She will sit and cry while rubbing her eyes or she can't walk straight. So per doctors orders we limit all outdoor activities to early morning and then stay inside and play or watch movies.

Having Evan home the majority of the day helps in a big way but the evenings leave me with way too much freetime and nowhere to go with it or anything to do until Avery crashes. I hit up a book sale at the main library 2 weeks ago where I got around 20 books for 11$!!! Needless to say I'm enjoying good books at night and Avery is loving some as well. Besides enjoying these new books Im also watching way too many Movies since my bad habit of waiting for Evan to get home after 1am is still oddly in effect even though I keep saying I won't do it.

Not much to report sadly, life is great but a little on the lame and boring side. Which mind you, is not a complaint at all. We are still trying to make payments and save up to pay the over 1000$ bill to get Gus and Paris out of boarding in Watagua and we have two amazing trips planned for the later part of the year but more on those at another time.

Avery has her first sleep over currently happening here with her friend Bailey. 2 girls is way more crazy than I thought but after the first 2 hours of not sharing and arguing over everything they soon settled down and were inseparable and nothing but giggles and loud whispers for the last 15min of quiet time after I read 3 princess books.

Sorry to bore you with this post, I'll give a better update soon.


  1. I sincerely hope one of those trips is in our direction... Also, I'm finalizing my own plans to head YOUR way. I'll let you know when I'm for sure.

  2. How much of the $1K is left on the bill to get Gus and Paris out, if you don't mind my asking?

  3. We have paid 540$ so far which has brought the bill down to 800$. So stupid since they are still charging 137$ a week so half of that went to keep the bill current instead of paying it off. They have a new office manager and the man refuses to work with us at all. We can't pay one cat at a time, we can't set up payments to be drafted from our account and we can't take them home until it's paid in full. Evan and I have been declined for care credit which would be the only way we could make payments and take them home per the clinics policy. We've looked into getting loans but were denied one already and I'm considering getting a new capitalone card andnevan too and just maxing them out to get them home because the payments and interest would be be cheaper than the system were on now with the clinic. The BBB will be hearing from Me and my family very soon about this clinic, it's just not right what they are doing to us when we are trying everything in our power to get our babes home and doing more Communicating than they are.

    Sorry, very touchy subject for me.

  4. I am so sorry you are going through this. I can't imagine. :'( Seems crazy that the clinic can do that.

    Gus and Paris are very lucky to be so loved. If you end up having some kind of fundraiser toward them coming home, please let me know.



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