Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wanna Get-Away?

I have been wanting to go on a trip BADLY. I know life is about to get back to the work/school schedule but I am in need of a getaway.
Evan and I haven't gone on many trips in our 5 years of marriage and the last trip we went on was last June when we road tripped to TN to a conference for a writer Evan loves and then we stayed in Memphis over night so Evan could show me where his family lived for several years before coming back to Texas. We came home a day and a half early because we missed Avery too much (She was 6 months old and we had never left her overnight, let alone 4 nights).

Since then I have made a list (Because I'm weird like that and love making lists) of trips I would like to take.....I even took it a step farther with a list of Small Trips (small town wonders) to a list of Big Trips (Renewing wedding vows in Hawaii for our 10th anniversary sounds awesome, Right?) and since I refuse to bore my readers with the mundanes of my week...I'll share my Small Trip List with you.

*5 Small Trip List*(In no particular order mind you)

#5- Asheville, North Carolina
Why: My sister, Desi lives nearby and has always invited us to come. I've never been to NC and hearing about the mountains makes me really want to check it out. There's also a few neat places to see like:
*The Biltmore Estate
*Blue Ridge Parkway
*And MORE!

#4- Hot Springs, Arkansas
Why: Um, I'm all for a little R&R and Arkansas has some nice scenic views when driving through it and thats seems weird to say since I have only been through it twice but I loved all the trees and GREEN. It's not too far of a drive and I think a nice Spa would be great to check out with some Gal Pals or just Evan and I alone.There's Also:
*Being One With Nature

#3-Sandusky, Ohio
Why: Evan and I love watching Travel channels and food channels that highlight places to see and go. Sandusky has more Amusement/water parks than any other place in the USA, it's also in a state I have never been too but I have several sweet friends who live here and would love to visit them on our journey to this neat place. Here's some highlights:
*Roller Coaster Capital of the World!
*The Campbell's
* Going somewhere New

#2- The East Coast
Why: Yes, I know "The East Coast" is pretty vague but Besides NYC I have never been anywhere on the Eastern Coast and I am mainly talking more about a Fall trip to drive and see the Fall Colors but all in all I mean this:
*Pretty Much My Dream Trip
I started planning a trip like this for my mom and I after she had a serious illness and started talking about things she's never done in her life (She's 81) and it made me want to help her in her goal of traveling the East Coast.  Since then we have never brought it up again (She says she's too old to go that far) and I have lots of Boston tour guides, Maine Tour Guides, etc in a box labeled "Someday". *sigh* looking at the price and itinerary I want to do this even more so than before now!

#1- Kansas City
Why: I love this place! Ever since Evan took me to meet his Aunt & Uncle who lived just outside of KC for Thanksgiving (We had only been dating 2 months!) I was hooked. They took us to the Plaza and a few other places and immediately I was in Love. Since that trip we now have several friends who live here and have often joked about moving there someday to live (Yep, that's right, not staying in Texas, can you imagine!?). Since then his aunt and uncle have moved to Texas and then back to MO but they are now right at the Iowa border, I'm hoping we can go back up there for Thanksgiving! I also want to see the Amish Country and go Antiquing. A few of my faves of KC/that area:
*My Therese or The Dansby's
*The Plaza!
*The Crossroads Art District
*I love this area.

So there you have it, a few places I'd love to get away to. My big list is a little more deeper in detail and it's also for Evan more than myself. I've been out of the country SEVERAL times but Evan has not and I'd also love to save up the money for a lot of them so we can go when Avery's old enough to remember them and enjoy them with us. I'll share that list soon. I don't have much to blog about until next week, but you love me anyways.


Love & Blessings,
Britt & Co.

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  1. That's funny--we were just talking about our own trip list. Having moved out here, there are a lot of cool places that make the "small trip list," including CANADA! We took our first this past weekend, to Philadelphia.



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