Saturday, August 21, 2010

100th Post!!!

Last week a sweet friend announced her 100th post and I thought to myself "I have a ways to go yet...." .yeah, that was after I posted my 99th post. GOODNESS, time flies when you have a blog!

Things have been pretty darn BLESSED this week at Casa De Hartfield if I may say... just when it looked as if the wolves were about to chew under the door God stepped in and we are truly humble and THANKFUL for all he does for us.

Evan starts back at UTA on THURSDAY! Yep, he's finally going back after a year hiatus and he will still be working full time at the airport. Pray for him please, he feels out of the college loop and is full of so much self-doubt due to having a mindset that 26 is too old to be in college. *sigh* my only retort when he says this is how thankful he should be to be able to GO to college. I'm still waiting for my turn! (SOON.) Still, he has only a set of design labs after this semester and could possibly get his BA as soon as June 2013 which is AWESOME if you ask me especially considering how much he has put in for this degree, I'm so stinking proud of him and he has made so many sacrifices for our family. I know he could have already received it but he chose Avery and I first and foremost and it's hurt him at times to know he could already be where some of his friends are but he's finally getting to go back and finish!

MDO kicks off next tuesday for Avery & I. I go Thursday to finish my room and then later that night we have an Open House for all the parents and kiddos to come and meet us and see what's in store for our school year. I'm beyond eager as I have repeatedly said in my past entries so I won't recap on that :).

Thursday I took Avery to Petsmart where she picked out her very first Pet of her very own. We were originally going to go with 2 goldfish but mommy got a tank with no filter and we still weren't sure if we were going for a fish until Thursday when Avery made the choice for us. She is so enamoured with "Feefees" whenever she see's a pretty blue tank she is drawn to it and will stand and point to each one and giggle in glee and awe at the pretty colors (yet we still can't sit through 4 minutes of Finding Nemo even though I skip the entire intro of it for her). She picked out this little beauty....
Introducing... Fifi Silly Hartfield

The picture is bad but I assure you he/she is very pretty with a purple & blue body with blue fins that fan out to white. Avery is in LOVE with Fifi. She wakes up and asks how he is (He lives on her bookshelf in her room). When we come home she runs to her room to check on him, Friday she even asked if "Fifi missed meh?" As for Paris and Gus....yyyeeeah, they could care less about pretty Fifi. I set up his tank with their curious faces inches from his small container and once the water went in they were no longer interested in Fifi, add the horrible smell of his fish food and yeah...sealed the deal of intrigue. Plus, I just can't see Paris jumping on the bookshelf when she pants after climbing up the couch (okay, mean fat kitty joke but seriously she doesn't jump) Gus refuses to get wet so he won't go near the fish bowl.

Other than that his week has been pretty lax in adventure. Tomorrow I have Church, a Baby Shower then we're having family time at Lake Ray Roberts before our busy work schedules starts back up again. Summertime is officially coming to an end.

I'll close with a cute video. Averys new thing this week is spinning in circles in the living room and shouting "WHOAH" over and over again. Such a silly monkey.

What a difference a year makes!!!!
Heres a video of her LAST August. Gah, miss her being so little...


                                                                  Have a great week!
                                                                  Love & Blessings,
                                                                  Brittnye & Co.

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