Sunday, August 15, 2010

Red & Yellow, Black & White They Are Precious In His Sight.....

This is the mural on the smaller wall of my classroom. Evan and I stayed at the Church the majority of yesterday putting it together. Actually Evan did most of it, I just directed and planned out the rest of my room that I have yet to put together thanks to my non-art skills. I still have more things to do and am beyond excited for this school year to get underway.

I was told today I finally got another kiddo in my class so now I have Avery and one other sweet little one. To me this is just one more Praise on my prayer list, I know God has great things planned for MDO and am beyond eager for it to start which is a comfort considering 2 months ago I wasn't sure if my heart was in this job or if I was sure I could handle it, my transition into it wasn't very smooth and it took me the majority of the school year to get any confidence that I knew what I was doing. That was with 4 year olds. (I had the best group of them too, lemme tell ya!) This year I am more in my element. 1 year olds I can handle, I've been raising one pretty darn good and I know what they like, what they can handle and what's age appropriate for them :) .

I also started up my 10wk training program. I overdid my run yesterday and am feeling it today! However, I'm not really put off by the pain as I have been the last 2 attempts at this. I feel like I did a lot yesterday in my 22minute 1.3 mile run. I know that's not a good time at all but for a beginner who has given up too many times to count and who hasn't had the best motivation or will-power....I'm stoked and pumped up!

I also signed Evan and myself up for LAPS FOR LITTLE ONES on September 18th. The Little Light House Denton is such a wonderful organazation that is hosted at Mckinney Street Baptist Church in the same building as MDO. I've seen these wonderful volunteers with these amazing kids and let me tell you, it's inspiring. To know that Denton has a place for parents and families with children with disabilities is so wonderful and Mary who is the director is such a wonderful woman. The fact that my home church is the host just makes me proud of my church family.

Read about the event on the link and I encourage you to pray for this program as well as Laps for Little Ones. I'm still debating if I should volunteer for the event or run/walk the laps AND sponsor a childs victory lap (seeing a special child dressed up and taking their victory lap is just overwhelming emotionally for me) Pray for Evan and I as we prepare our hearts for this event, Pray for MDO as we prepare for the new school year, Pray for me as I get ready for my new class.

Have a great week! Texas is finally getting a break from the triple digit heat with a chance of rain all week and only in the 90's. You could almost hear the hallelujas and shouts for joy when it poured down today in Denton and it dipped to 88* so nice!

Blessings & Love,
Britt & Co.

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  1. I try not to focus on times too much. 1.3 miles is still 1.3 miles more than you had run the day before. Keep it up!



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