Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where Does She Get This From?

*Wed 7/28/10 6:51AM

Avery wakes up and is ready to start her day 2 hours earlier than normal

*Parents in bed*
E: *mumbles mumble mumble*
B: Want me to just put her in bed with us?
E: *Mumble* yeah *mumble*

I go get her out of her crib, she runs to our room, rounds the bed to Evans side

A: Daddy!

E: Yes maam?

A: Why you go to work?

E: Britt, did she just ask me why I go to work?!

B: Yes, she did


B: He goes to pay our bills and provide for us baby. Come over here, get in bed with me.

A: No work daddy! NO. nooooooooo

E: You want me to stay home today?

A: *climbing over me to snuggle against Evan* Now?

B: You want daddy to stay home or go to work today?

A: Nigh night now, work later

B: Guess you have to go to work after all daddy.

E: I got that part, THANKS!

A: *whispering*Daddy, shhh nigh night!

B: *giggles*

A: Mommy. Nigh night too!

B: Yes, maam. Sorry.

E: Sorry, we go back to sleep now Avery SOME of us have jobs to go to.

A:Otay, otay now

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