Saturday, July 10, 2010

L-O-V-E is all you need.

Things are finally starting to slow down at the Hartfield house. The 4th was WONDERFUL and was spent with family at Lake Grapevine for Fireworks. Beforehand, we grilled out on our patio and ate outside and enjoyed strawberry pie, mmmm...mmmmm...mmmmm!

Since I'm a SAHM this summer I have been looking for things to do with Avery as well as ways to meet other parents of kids her age. Driving to Denton is just not an option and we seriously have no friends in FW anymore. We have some but none with small children and we never do much with said friends because of this which saddens me. SO....I did some searching.

I came across
It's a free website of local groups in your community that you can join and meetup with for free or a small fee. Avery and I joined a Playgroup around our neighborhood and I pay 10$/year for this awesome club. So far we have done 3 playdates from the calendar and have met several new friends and mommies. I LOVE IT! I get to RSVP for the events I want to do and the calendar is FULL of local, FREE events to attend, some cost some money like for the splash parks and what not but still. I wouldn't have known about half of the things that are only minutes from our house!! It's definetly becoming a life saver for us this summer.

Just had to share it with you guys because it's a great site and it's nationwide.

Anywho. I have to Brag on Avery for a bit.... Yesterday while having a kind of down day Avery ran into the bedroom where I was as usual, folding laundry. She ran in screaming "GO GO GO GO!" I started laughing and asked her "Where do you think you're going?" to which she grabbed my leg and hugged me and said in the cutest way possible "to hug my mama!". Yeah, my heart melted. I scooped her up and hugged her and swung her around and Thanked her for knowing just what I needed to which she shrugged and said "I try".

Yeah, she's so my kid.

Sometimes, it's nice to know you're needed and Loved. She knew even in another room that I needed some and came running in to remind me that I am indeed Loved and needed.

Could God have matched her anymore perfectly for us or what?!

Anyway, that was my mom moment for this entry. She's just so amazing and now with her vocabulary expanding and her understanding of things getting sharper it's just a daily dose of aweness and "No way did she just do/say that!" moments. I'm loving it.

I wish everyone could experience this at some point in their life. This innocent, pure, genuinue Love of a child. It's the greatest Joy.


  1. I'm so glad y'all had a great 4th!

    Yep, she's your kid! :)

    I'm so glad that you got on! I know you'll make some great friends and Avery too!



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