Monday, June 28, 2010

Why can't we all just...get along?

This Man Right Here...Makes Me Ridiculously Happy.

Evan and I have had so much going on this Summer, which is funny seeing as I thought for sure it would be the slowest few months while I'm not working.'s nonstop around here. Not that I'm complaining about it, I love all the events happening and daily adventures with people we love.

With everything going on though Evan has made it a point lately to let me know I'm appreciated and it's beyond sweet. He's been so supportive this year with things I'm dealing with and the past 2 weeks have been emotionally nerve-racking and stressful for me as I tend to some realities I honestly didn't want to face with my family. There have been several occasions where he'll catch me in a fog and will tell me about something I'm dealing with and it's like he's reading my mind! It's been so helpful and reassuring and add that to the dates he's been taking me on plus more alone time and family time at home and it's like a re-vamp for our marriage (not that we were in a slump or anything, we're beyond good).

It's so wonderful having somebody just GET YOU. Being reassured you are not alone while fighting the good fight and having someone love you so completly that it's sometimes overwhelmingly impossible to understand what you did right to get that love...

Wanna see what's been occupying my last 5 days?

Avery 18months   Chevy 13months

Yep, 2 toddlers only 5 months apart and quite a handful. I don't know how you moms of 2 kiddos do it! It took me 2 days to get a schedule down and master feedings and diapers in record time and without tears. Haha, I've loved it though, my nephew is so sweet and quiet but when he gets in a silly mood he is such a HAM! Avery has had her moments of being a BULLY which has me not too happy but she also has shown tender moments of comfort and love to Chevy that make me wonder how strong a bond these two have. They are the cutest cousins ever!

*Hops on SoapBox*
Chevy will more than likely become a huge part of our weekends if not more. Please pray for his parents and for Evan and I as we do what is necessary in helping them as well as Chevy. My heart tells me I'm in the right in this situation but my mind is still weary of being labeled the bad guy and starting conflict with my family. I'm not in a good position right now but at the same time, look at that precious boy and tell me you wouldn't step in and help him if he needed it!? Children need nurturing, love, comfort, safety, education, laughter, nutrition, structure and God's love and a plethora of other things DAILY and if Gods telling me Evan and I are the ones to give it, then so be it.

My brother isn't around for the time being and has told me how he feels and is supportive and for me and Evan, that's all that needs to be said! I say the majority of this for some select family members who may read this in the hopes you get a better understanding of where my heart is. I'm not trying to hurt anyone, I'm not trying to be "Holier than thou", I'm not trying to replace his parents, I'm merely doing what ANY mother would do for a child. Love them. Protect them. Guide Them. It's not his fault his parents can't properly take care of him and I don't see anyone else offering to do what we are.

My brother and I have too many scars on our hearts and minds from an early childhood where people didn't step in soon enough, why put our children through that!? It's ridiculous for some of you to say the things you have but rest assured I forgive you and hold nothing personally because if the roles were reversed and I was looking in, I may say the same thing but I would also learn the facts and ask questions before assuming things and opening my mouth.

*Hops off Soapbox*

I'm sorry if this post is full of blahness, but if people won't listen, use other tools to get information to them! In my case, it's this blog. Here's hoping it takes the edge off....

Love & Blessings-
Brittnye, Evan & Avery


  1. I can't imagine how busy you must be with those two troublemakers! They look so innocent in the picture... lol. I'm so proud of you for accepting this challenge. You're right- you have to think about the baby! None of this is his fault and you can hardly expect him to suffer for it. Stay strong!

  2. I don't know the situation and I am not sure if you remember but we had a situation about a year before Lexi was born where and great-niece was being neglected. Her parent's loved her but they just could not take care of her so we offered to step up. We were treated horribly by some and like saviors by others. I feel neither was correct. I was a mama seeing a child in need that I had the power to help. We ended up not getting her but I think of her every day and still would take her in if ever it was needed. Good for you for looking out for a child that needs it!!

  3. Okay just thought id let you know i sorta kinda follow your blog ALOT! And i only created an account so i could start commenting on your blogs cause i really like some of them. Let me begin by saying you are an AMAZING, one of a kind heart and soul. you are my sister and i love you and support you with what you're doing for our nephew and i will help anytime you need me for anything! (if i can). I think what you are doing for Chevy needs to be done and who better to do it than you and Evan?! You both are amazing parents and have wonderful friends and family... having said that who ever thinks you shouldn't step in this whole thing obviously doesn't have the strength or heart that you do! i love you so much sisser, oh and i couldn't forget the awesome bro-in-law or my B-E-A-utifull niece.

    ~love Jackye & Krystal



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