Saturday, April 24, 2010


That is my current mood right now.

I feel lame about a plethora of things tonight and yet I have had an exciting and busy day today so what gives?! Blah to that,this,whatever..

Avery is yet again trying to worry her parents to death. She had a great week, saying new things, feeding herself, even helping me around the house and then suddenly she woke us up around 1am on Thursday morning screaming her head off and fighting a fever. Turns out my little over-achiever cut FOUR teeth at once and since she has hid her teething tablets, did it cold turkey. OUCH.

I knew she was miserable on Thursday, I stayed home from work with her and she literally slept on and off all day in my arms because, like her daddy, when she is sick she is clingy. Friday she seemd better, wasn't eating much and the previous night we learned she couldn't keep much down. Still had a fever, nothing motrin wasn't keeping under 101.2 when after a 3 hour nap (RARE) I went to check on her and she  hurt to touch...SHE WAS THAT HOT!

I took her temperature and immedietely took it again because there was NO WAY she was 105.1!!! WRONG, I took it 3 times and the lowest it went down to was 104.9 so I called the dr. and we went in 30 minutes later.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh....her appointment was at 2:50 we left there at 5:45! After blood work, swabs, chest x-ray, cool cloth compresses, tylenol at a larger strength, urine samples and  lots of tears (non came actually, she was dehydrated) and fighting for her life it seemed (she hates going to the dr. wonder why?! She fights the nurses).

Turns out those 4 pesky, painful teeth also triggered a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Poor girl, can't catch a break. She's doing better today, still not much energy or appetite and she had a fever on and off. When Avery gets sick, she crashes hard!

We were planning on going to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival today but she's not up to it, maybe tomorrow. I hope so, we really want to go and with Evans parents a quick walk to the event and hearing some of the music here if the wind blows just right....makes the want bigger. :)

I'm blabbing too much about Avery as usual so I'll stop for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather, it's been so nice outside!!!

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