Saturday, April 10, 2010


I will be the first to admit, I do not do too well with whiny people. Not so much as whining in general but especially if someone is ill and they do nothing to fix it but whine over and over about how "I don't feel good!" for some odd reason this peeves me. Almost as badly as people who don't use thier blinkers that come with the vehicle they drive (imagine that!).

I also thought of buying one of these and placing it in front of me when someone starts to do it....

However, something has happened to me this week that has changed my tune a bit and I know I'm not alone here with this sudden enigma....


Yes, I have allergies. I have only had them about 3 times in my 25 years of living. 3 agonizing bouts of sneezing, watery eyes, congested one minute, faucet running nose the next, scratchy throat, irritating, suffering!!!

Evan is used to them and has his fathers family to blame, Avery as well but both have Rx to control them. Me? Not so much. Benadryl puts me in a coma, sudafed does nothing and claritin makes we restless.

I'm a whiner.

Evan pointed this out earlier this week when I was yet again complaining about how my head was about to explode from the pressure and how my body ached all over and I hated my voice and wah wah wah. I stood there in shocked speechlessness as he mimicked me and I had no way to deny it.

I was whining. Me? Queen of the "Stop Whining, it's annoying!".

I was ashamed. I also kept whining. HA. Until I got a hot bath, tylenol and a good swig of dayquil (only option I hadn't tried in our bathroom cabinet). I can truly sympathize with the other people who deal with allergies on a regular basis, how do you survive this? It's ridiculous!!!

No Wonder so many people are fighting them this season. They had on the news wed. how in Atlanta scientist do daily air tests for pollen, a high reading is anything over 248. For that day alone in one cubic feet they had a reading of 5,476 that's over 200% more than normal!!!! They also showed a video clip from Jackson Mississippi (sp?) where it looked like a dust storm was blowing by but it was all POLLEN!

Yikes. No Thank You.

So to all my fellow suffering friends, I apologize for being so critical and harsh while you merely tried to have sympathy for being so miserable. I am now a comrade fighting the good fight against these horrible's hoping we both come out alive with our noses intact.


  1. Ummm everything in your first paragraph applies to Ross. No wonder you didn't wish him a happy birthday! ;-)

  2. WOW! I had to post again because the "word verification" on my last post was "i miss." NO JOKE!!!! Also, generic Sudafed (the kind you need an ID to buy) and a Neti Pot work wonders on my allergies!

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