Saturday, March 27, 2010

Picture Post Game

I tried this on my Xanga blog many, many moons ago and found it to be a fun little thing to do with my fellow bloggers and devoted readers.....well, I'll pretend I have those anyway.

It's EASY. All you have to do is tell me what you want to see and after a few days I'll collect all the comments, go and take snapshots of requested things and then post them as my blog.

When I did this on Xanga I had to take pictures of my favorite shoes, my place to relax, the contents of my fridge, my wedding ring, my cell phone and my favorite family photo just to give you guys and gals some's really fun and I recommend you all give it a try.

So, think of some creative things and Monday(if I have enough requests), I'll go and start taking my pictures to post.

With that, I will leave you guys with the latest Avery pic taken just before she went to bed tonight. She got some new clothes from her Great Oma in Colorado last week and here are the new Pj's....How cute is she?! Also, her hair is trying to turn RED....RED! I have 2 siblings with beautiful Red hair but they don't have my sister and I's beautiful blue eyes like Avery has...might be interesting to see her with red hair and bright blue eyes...not like Evan has enough to worry about...haha.

I'm thinking she'll be a strawberry blonde...

Have a Great Sunday!


  1. I'm a loyal reader and fellow blogger! I want to see a picture of Avery in her fun skirt from Old Navy ;-)

    And something TEXAN!!!

  2. Urhm . . .

    What you ate for dinner.

    What you're reading.

    Your umbrella.

    A relic from your childhood.

  3. Yeah a pic of what you are reading, and something you are working on.

    Harper's hair is getting lighter on us! It's weird to think that I have a kid with dirty blond hair! Teehee!




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