Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan.

My Sweet Husband Turns 26 On Sunday.

(It just dawned on me the majority of the pics I have are after Avery was born, hmm need to find some OLD pics of him soon.)

To Evan-
Happy 26th Birthday!
After 10 years of being in each others lives I am so proud of the man you have become.....from the shy high school guy I fell in love with in Mr. Hayes Pre-Ap Chem class, to the lanky college guy who drove his "Hannah BRH" in the rain singing U2 and locking me inside until I gave you a kiss, then the guy I swore to all my friends that after 4 years of waiting on was finally with me and was "the one", to the handsome man who I saw when the chapel doors opened and we said vows together to be man and wife, to the newlywed who ate all my burnt dinners and still told me they were delicious, the HERO who unashamed and proud went to the store at 1am for tampons and gladly told the other guy behind the register he had no problem picking them up for his wife (and some chocolate too!), to the tired Architect major who even after a 90 hour project and part time job found time to do little things for me to let me know I was still #1, to the heart broken man who shed so many tears and made all the painful calls during our miscarriage and got me back on my feet, to the man a year later, looking radiant and holding a newborn baby girl and getting the name Daddy, to the man who now doesn't look at all like he did in high school or college but still gives me butterflies on occasion and makes me melt by watching him with his daughter.....

You've come a long way.

I love you so very much and hope you know you're only getting better as you get older on so many levels.
Here's to 10 more years of changes together.


  1. Tell Evan Happy Birthday from Gavin, Gabi and Harper!



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