Thursday, March 4, 2010

I feel Brand New.

This week has been so much fun and yet I haven't done much at all it seems.

My birthday was on monday. The Big 25, do not ask me how I feel about this like so many people have. I feel normal, no changes, I'm still me, no wrinkles or gray..welll okay I am starting to get white hairs but they don't scare me...yet. I for some reason in the past 3 years have just written off birthday celebrating. I used to be a big believer in getting friends together for dinner and bowling and drinks but it suddenly just lost the appeal for me, which has upset Evan. So needless to say he was not happy with me when I treated monday as....a monday, instead of my birthday.

I did what I wanted to...lounged in my pj's on a very cold and rainy day and played with Avery until Evan came home. Then we went off to Boston Market for my birthday dinner through the drive thru, picked up movies and had a picnic on the living room floor. What's so wrong with that?

So to please Evan about not doing anything exciting for my birthday I spent my afternoon getting pampered. Evan came to Denton and picked up Avery from MDO and I went and got my hair done by my great friend Christina at Davanti Salon. Cut a lot off too! I'm thinking about going shorter, mixing it up and living a's just hair, it grows back, why not play with it? I also got it colored a cool "mahogony" color but in the light it looks reddish-purple, which is sooo up my alley. I love it truthfully, the color is awesome and the cut, although will now be adding 20 minutes to my morning if I chose to actually do something with it was daring for me.

After that I put my Christmas gift from Avery to good use and went to Spa Pedicure and got a very much needed and deserved mani-pedi. The last time I had either was the day before Avery was do the math!

I am just fresh shaved legs away from being a brand new woman. New hair, lavender finger nails, black toe nails, cool chic hair color and fresh atitude.

And all on a Thursday.


  1. Yay. I'm so glad that you are a new woman! I just had my birthday and we just saw some movies for my bday and took the day off to spend time with each other. But I got some new jeans, and wow it is amazing what makes you feel brand new these days!



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