Friday, February 26, 2010

I'll take a healthy kid for 1 million please.....

It has been yet again another one of those CRAZY weeks for us. I should be used to the suprises by now, you'd think. Ha, I'm not complaining, it keeps me on my toes and we lack in the boredom department here at the Hartfield house.

We had yet another hospital trip with Avery on Tuesday. She went to school, seemed totally fine besides her allergies and a runny nose, nothing major. I got her home, she was fussy so I put her down for a nap and Evan and I unwound on the couch together ( a first in a long time) when Evan asked how her day was at school (she has a new teacher). So I went to grab her progress report from her diaper bag and realized her lunch was 90% untouched.

I was already having a very emotional day and must admit I am not a fan of Avery being in a new room so this just set me off more for all the wrong reasons. She literally didn't eat a thing from her lunch which is so UN-like Avery. Well, as if on cue, she starts screaming in her crib, Evan went to get her and she was burning up. Her temp was 102.8

"Are you kidding me?" was pretty much all I kept saying the first hour. She was totally fine all day and we get home and she suddenly is miserable all over again. I gave her motrin and we cooled her off but over the next 8 hours, she starts coughing, wheezing, fever spiking up to 104.7, lots of diapers (not the easy kind) and Evan and I were literally having Deja Vu from her RSV last month. So, we packed her up and headed to cooks around 12:30am.

I must say, this time around was far smoother than the last. We got in fast, she was seen fast and there were no needles involved...well, okay 1 when they had to cath her for a urine sample (Evan was white as a sheet for that horrible moment). Her nurse was amazing and she slept a little bit after they gave her some stronger tylenol that broke her fever to 99.9 (it was 103.7 when we arrived). They said she had a common virus and it had to take it's course which meant "no school, she's contagious for the next 2 days" and she also still had RSV in her system but it wasn't the issue.

We got home around 4:45am and poor Evan got up and was at work by 9 while avery and I slept in. Her fever wasn't too bad but she was having lots of tummy issues and didn't eat anything and was clingy all day, can you blame her?!

She's fine now, all smiles and giggles and eating tons of Chocolate Cheerios :)

I'll end my sick rant for now with a few pics from our snow 2 weeks ago, her cuteness kills me....

2-11-10 we got 11inches!

Check out her cute swimsuit for the summer, it has a little tutu with it. I can't wait for warmer weather!

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