Saturday, February 20, 2010

I came across this picture at random today and had to collect myself. Why, I started getting emotional about it, I have no clue. It's one of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite vacations and a copy even sits on Averys dresser facing her crib so she can wave and smile at her favorite people.

I guess it's just a reminder of how blessed I am, at least that was the feeling I got when I saw it today. Of being Blessed and how I am Thankful God has given me so much. It's overwhelming at times.

Nostalgia. It's sneaky.

I also found this picture on Nans computer today (I know, I'm nosy) and had forgotten all about it!
Seriously?! She was that small?! *sigh* She is getting so big, today she grabbed my hand while we were at lunch with a old boss of Evans and when I leaned to her she grabbed my face and kissed me very loudly and then shouted "MAMA! OKAY!" before pulling me back down to her and giving me a few more playful kisses on my cheek (we're learning to blow kisses but when your 14months old, you tend to do more spitting then blowing).

My heart melted.

1 comment:

  1. I need to meet the Avery who speaks! I don't even know her anymore...



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