Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow records in Texas?

We got 11 inches of snow yesterday.


Avery wasn't too keen on it when we had our last snow on Christmas Eve but this time around, I got her out in while it was coming down, and this morning when it was all done. She couldn't walk due to the snow being to her mid-thigh but she loved daddy and mommy carrying her around and then rolling in it with her. We even made snowmen with plenty of snow to spare.

Sadly, my camera was shipped out last week to be repaired so I only got a few cell phone pics. Boo. Horrible quality and it'll be another week before I can get them posted on FB.

Texas has received so much snow this winter, far more than I can recall growing up..well, back in 92' maybe and 6 years ago we had a white Valentine's Day (Evan and I's first together). Denton received 12.7 inches while Fort Worth received 11!!! I love it, makes me think of Canada.

Speaking of Canada, we watched the opening ceremonies tonight and my heart was homesick. I miss Alberta and yet...I don't. Last time I was there I was 16 and didn't feel like I belonged there anymore. I stayed for 2 weeks before I knew Denton was home and got my butt back. I do miss the scenery though and Lake Louise and all the cultures.

Anywho, I thought the opening ceremonies were wonderful, the whales were so cool! I must say I am so sad for the family of the fallen olympian to have passed away so quickly today and in such a tragic way. I was stunned that NBC world news showed the tape 3 times! Gary and I sat on the couch in shock. We didn't expect they would show it all. Needless to say he died way too young and as hard as he hit you can only pray it was instant and hope that he knew Jesus as his savior. I think people don't see the danger to these sports until its too late, the athletes are aware of the danger, as many injuries they recieve to become as talented as they are they're bound to, but in my opinon, I think this young mans death could have been prevented. If someone had just taken the time to think the track through and to install better baracading or even padding on exposed may not have saved him as he was flying in the air at 88mph but it could have also saved his life.

Life is precious and taken for granted far too much.


  1. OMG I KNOW!!! I flinched the first time they showed it and had to look away the next two times! I was shocked that they showed it in its entirety as well. Especially during a family time of the evening when kids and parents are watching together.

    Can't wait to see the snow pics with Avery!

  2. Haven't seen the Olympic footage yet. But talk of Canada and Lake Louise gave me an idea. In a year or two, maybe to celebrate Evan and Ross' graduations, let's take a vacation to Alberta!!!!

  3. Awwww, my little Maple Leaf. We have your flag (full-size, mind you) on our wall for the festivities.



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