Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let Grace be enough.

Our Fam-Fam on Halloween.

Halloween was a hit. Avery's costume survived our church's Fall Festival and received a lot of compliments. I think next year she'll go as something easy like a ballerina or a ghost though, I'm crafty but not when it comes to sewing/ costume making.

Avery if currently fighting off  a double ear infection and a bizarre bacterial infection and I am past the point of sick of it. I hate watching her be so miserable, worse, she is on 2 heavy antibiotics and they take a lot out of her little body. Plus side? She's been sleeping through the night 2 nights in a row.

Evan took on a overtime project and has been working on top of his day hours from 10pm-4am! Needless to say we have not seen much of daddy this week. Tonight's the last night though and tomorrow Avery and I get to leave Denton for a change and sleep at home!! I must say to all those single parents out there, BLESS YOU. It is not a easy task at all to raise a child single handed and I am beyond exhausted this week from  doing it all. At least his paycheck next week will be amazing.

Okay, I want to share something on here that I can't on FB or Myspace.....quite exciting and I need some prayer warriors on my side.

I received a call this morning from a church family member who watched Avery for me Sunday night. I didn't think anything of it when I answered because I assumed it would be about Avery. She didn't have any small talk after I said Hello instead, she asked me "Would you like a job?" in which I said "Uh...sure, I'm looking for a second job." She then proceeded to tell me how a position has been open for several months at the ISD building that should have been filled a long time ago and how she went to the head women and told her about me and pulled some strings and if I send her my resume I have an interview friday at 11am.

Yeah, just like that...just come in on friday at 11am and do an interview.

I'm still a bit flabbergasted. See, I have been praying for a job to help us out because as much as I adore my kids and LOVE my job at MDO, it's not covering anything financially! I took the job at MDO because after 4 months of no news I just couldn't sit at home another day doing nothing besides circling want ads that frankly, were beneath me and my skills. I committed to MDO because I knew we wanted to move to Denton and it would be a great place for Avery to go....I never knew I would fall in love with it so fast and be so determined to get my kids to know the love of Jesus along with their numbers and alphabet. Yet, I am a firm believer in answered prayers and signs that God gives us to help re-direct us to his path for our lives and this REALLY seems like on of those signs.

IF and I say IF in a major way here...IF I were to get this job it would seal the deal on not only moving back to Denton come January, it would improve our hunting because we can afford more rent. It could secure a babysitter who could actually take care of Avery and yet, she could still go to MDO on Tues. and Thurs. It would mean benefits for me, less driving, and all around happiness in our home.

I also feel sick to my stomach when I think about the teachers and kids....if I get this job it means no more MDO. No more kids. It's full time and all year round. I just hit the one month mark teaching there and committed to Shelly that it would be a more longer term and we're already under staffed so if I got this job I would be hurting them even more and to me that seems selfish but I have to think of Avery and Evan and what's good for our family.

Ugh, such a hard choice and there's no promise of anything really happening on friday besides a job interview taking place...which is why I have not mentioned it on FB due to the other teachers and Shelly being friends I don't want anyone thinking I'm bailing for no reason.

YIKES, just looked at the clock and it's 2am! BED TIME FOR ME.
I'll leave you with a pic of Avery from today after we bought her new winter clothes we had a mini-fashion show and this was my fave outfit.

She's so cute.

Hard to believe in 44 days she'll be 1!


  1. She's getting so big and she's oh so adorable!

    I hope this new gig works out for ya'll, you deserve more than anyone I know.

    Let me know if you find a sitter in Denton, and how much! I'm searching desperately for someone to watch Harper that is possibly cheaper than our daycare. It's just eating us alive! Literally!!!

  2. How much are you paying at Fred Moore? We pay $150 a month for MDO at our church but it's only Tue and Thurs from 9-2. First baptist also has a great child care program but I think it's only M, W, F.

  3. So... the job is with the ISD but you didn't mention what it was. Would you still be with kids? And does MDO have any evening programs that you could still do once a week? I can see why this is such a difficult decision for you! (On a side note, I wish we still lived in FW b/c I'd watch Avery for FREE. It'd help you guys out and it'd give me something meaningful-- and enjoyable-- to do on my days off!)

    I will pray that this decision becomes crystal clear after your interview and that you feel a peace with that decision. Miss you!

  4. Also, BENEFITS?! I'd say that's a MAJOR perk. Health insurance is good!



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