Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revelations and Tears

This week has BY FAR been one for the books in the land of parenthood. I doubt Evan and I have cried as many tears, hugged as many hugs or slept as minimal as...well, scratch the last one, we survived those first months on barely any...

Needless to say it's been a rough week but today, we got answered prayers!

I took Avery to her 9 month check up on Wed. and was excited that it was the one check up where she wouldn't have any shots, I even told her in the waiting room how happy mommy was to not have to see her get those mean ol' shots today.

Next time, I'll hold my tongue.

During her 9 month check up her doctor was concerned with some things...Averys pigmentation in her gums and skin were a bit too pale to his liking and her weight is under the average for her age and she had several bruises on her legs that even though she's trying to walk and is falling a lot he was not liking how many small ones there with that we were sent to the lab where they took lots of blood, plasma and did a swab to check for infections and everything from A-Z! 

They were mainly looking for something in all her cell counts both red and white.

Her doctor threw a lot of scenarios out to us and gave us information on all things that could be possibilities(anemia,diabetes,vitamin deficiency, leukimia, lymphoma we heard it all!) while trying to reassure us that this is just a precaution and they haven't diagnosed her with anything and hope not too!

We had to wait for results by FRIDAY. FRIDAY. As in 2 whole days of anxiety and stress and fear and lots and lots of prayer. She does have a small bacterial infection that a cream will fix and an ear infection thanks to cutting two teeth this weekend. Poor girl was just having a rough week but remains a smiley, happy baby!

Evan and I were kinda hit by a bus so to speak...our baby, our daughter, who we cherish and can hardly believe is almost 1 showed no symptoms to us of being ill and now, we're being told she's being checked for cancer? A simple check up turned into the most terrifying moment of my short time in mommyhood. Worse, we were reminded in a not so easy way that Avery is human. She is fragile and she can bleed and be sick and although God has a plan for her and is in total control, we're not given a timeline of her life. Every day is a treasure.

All the stress, emotions, fear, confusion and all over a "Precautionary run down."

So today as I was being distracted by the never-ending chore of laundry her pediatrician called me with the results. The great news was she didn't have leukemia or lymphoma, no cancers at all! The bad news, she does have Anemia and a vitamin deficiency. On top of the anemia and vitamin deficiency he said her red blood count was abnormally low and more alarming was that even though she is fighting 3 infections right now her white blood cell count wasn't elevated to show her body fighting them off..which means something isn't on track. Her body is playing catch up on a number of levels and he is worried that if she were to get sick right now, how would her body handle it? Yeah, with H1N1 and the flu at a pandemic level that's what I needed to hear! But, I'll take my blessings.

So, our plan of action? We go back monday for another blood work up but instead of waiting we'll have results within the hour. We'll go over a list of diet changes and supplements she will be put on until her 1 year check up in 8 weeks to see if anything changes. We attack the anemia with vitamin C. There are 3 types of anemia and luckily hers is most common with infants and children that is not permanent. If at her 1 year check up things haven't changed then we go see a specialist but, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. We also go back in 4 weeks to get the H1N1 shot since he put her on the list to get one (yay, more shots).

They don't warn you in any parenting books about moments like these. Thank God for the power of prayer and a army of friends and family. I thank you all so much for the calls, texts, prayers and distractions. It's overwhelming to know how loved we are.

Much Love-Britt

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  1. I LOVE Avery the lion and her funny facial expressions!!! And I'm so glad she's not extremely sick.



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