Sunday, November 15, 2009


  1. Our Macbook is sick and we might have to put it down! I'm kinda freaking out about losing ALL our pictures from 2007-present plus our 1800 songs on iTunes. Yeah, not cool.

  1. Didn't get the job HOWEVER, they are waiting for me to get my GED, update my application then come January.....I may have a position waiting for me!!! He said my background was not his concern, he thinks I'm a great fit for the district. GAH!

  1. Marriage Drama is a private matter but please, pray for Evan and I.

  1. Getting LOTS of community service hours in, thus making my life with no internet more survivable.

  1. My kids are making it hard to imagine finding another job but I have to. Why do they have to be so sweet and fun?

  1. The hunt for the perfect rent house has begun and I am falling in love with Denton everytime we go driving around for a house. I can't wait to be home.

  1. Thanksgiving is going to be a hard one(for me). Avery's first one and all our family will be spread out and not together for the first time in 4 years! I thought my sister was flying in so we made plans to be with my side of the fam and now she isn't coming and others in MY family are bailing out on the plan but Evan and I already commited. We could be going to MO with his mom and dad and would be only 2 hours from our dear friends the Dansby's but no....ARGH.

  1. They are all labeled one on purpose. :P

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  1. 1. Now I am having work drama. Hopefully to be resolved Monday morning. We need a phone date soon.

    2. I'm SO glad you're getting some community service done, though! And at least this job interview kicked you into gear for the GED.

    3. When my old Mac died a few years ago, they were still able to help me transfer my files onto my new computer. Hopefully they can do that for yours... And for music, you can get one of the cords that moves songs from iPod to computer and save SOME of them at least.

    4. I think we're going to go to Omaha for Thanksgiving so I can go to my cousin's scandalous baby shower that Saturday (family drama, yay)! BUT if you somehow end up in Missouri for the holiday, we will alter our plans accordingly ;-)

    5. I MISS YOU!!!!



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