Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayers Work.

Seems like it's been forever since I last posted but it's only been a few days! Weird. Maybe because my comments have been very non-exsistant I feel like I am just no longer interesting enough to keep you followers entertained.....

SO. I have failed to inform you that I am no longer UNEMPLOYED.

*happy dance* Indeed, all your prayers worked and after 5 months of despair and trials and tribulations I am now working not one but TWO jobs and because of which some things are going to be happening in a big way for the Hartfield clan.

I'm now teaching Pre-K at my church's MDO program (Mother's Day Out). I have my own classroom, 8 lovoly 4 year olds and a huge responsibility of planning out the lessons for the week with a curriculum that frightens me! I'm sure once I get my routine down and they get used to me it'll be a blast but until then, this huge 4inch binder is intimidating and I feel like the new kid in class that everyone ignores...

I love shopping for my class though which is EXPENSIVE but I feel so cool. I feel like I am doing something good too. I get to teach the love of Jesus Christ into the lives of children before they enter School where Jesus isn't accepted as he should be (my opinion). Avery will start in January so she'll be just a few doors down from me which I am going to L-O-V-E.

I now work in Denton 3 days a week and the commute is not so bad. However, I may need to find another part time job and Evan has already declared that come March we are moving back to Denton. YEAH! We're moving back to Denton 2 years sooner than planned!!!!! I am so happy about this. (can't you tell?) Just makes more sense. Our families are in Denton, 90% of our friends are in Denton, our Church is in Denton, and we want to raise Avery in a town like Denton (nothing against Fort Worth). Funny, I always wanted to leave Denton but now I want to be back there! I doubt it's where God wants us to stay permanent but the thought of living out of state has never crossed my mind and another option for Evan after he gets his bachelor's degree has brought up possibilities of Japan or even Germany!? Still about 2 years off (or sooner) but still, lots of praying between us on God's direction.

I have lots of cleaning to do before we get our new TV, Dining Table and Couch tomorrow (gotta love hand me downs!). So I'll close for now. Hope you all are enjoying the fall weather and that God is blessing each of you.



  1. If it was Kansas it would be not near you guys. Bleh.

  2. I always READ whenever you post!!! Keep posting please!! I'm so glad that you got a gig! I'm so happy that you guys will be moving to Denton too. I mean EVERYTHING is here for you guys, pretty much at least! What are you doing for 3 days a week. I need something like that... we need to save money on daycare because it's literally killing us!!

  3. Congrats and good luck with your new job.

  4. Hooray! Congrats on the new job! Maybe if you move back to Denton while we're still here, we might actually get to hang out. :-(



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