Monday, October 19, 2009

Changes.....stink at times.

Still Alive.

I've been emotional all weekend. Evan said it's almost like a death in the family except we know our friends are alive and well and we'll see them soon. Hope you enjoy finding new places to love in KC. Happy First day at your new job too Therese!

Update coming soon. For now, a few recent pics of the cuteness. We took her in her costume to a local Pumpkin Patch along with Gary, Nicole and my Nephew Chevy-Ray (Ray). Avery LOVED it as did we all, definetly a new tradition!

She's 10 months old today. Wow.


Avery @ The Pumpkin Patch 10-17-09

Our Fam-Fam Minus Paris & Gus

I Love My Nephew.

Ridiculous, Right? It's Illegal To Be So Cute.



  1. Which pumpkin patch did you guys go to? Harper is going to the pumpkin patch soon, but we're not sure which one is the best... thanks!

  2. We went to the one in Flower Mound it was AMAZING. It's free and well organized and on saturdays they have food there.

  3. It IS illegal to be so cute. I think she can't get any cuter, and then she does! Thanks for the blog shout-out. We are alive and well... but also very emotional! Ooompla! Poo... (please tell me you recognize the Friends quote).



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