Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interesting conversations

So I had a very weird interview this morning one that I'm sure will end up being yet another NO Thank You. I didn't want to go home and be sad again and decided to give myself a pick me up at the local Panera Bread next to the Fort Worth zoo where I currently still am sitting using the free wi-fi with no guilt. I've been here maybe an hour now and just had my day made by the ladies at a nearby table talking about ME.

Here's what was said:
Lady #1: This was a great idea, this is the biggest panera I've been to.
Lady#2: I come here all the time it's always got a lot of people on laptops.
Lady#3: Like that girl beside us, looks like she's on that Facebook.
Lady#1 & #2: yeah she is.
Lady #4: What a beautiful baby picture!
Lady #1: No way that's hers, she looks too young.
Lady#3: Young, she has a tattoo on her foot! Can't be too young.
Lady #2: What is the tattoo of, I can't see it.
Lady #3: It looks like flowers or something, very exotic.
Lady #4: That has to be her baby, they both have pretty blue eyes.
Lady#1: Yes, she does have Pretty blue eyes.
(I turn and smile at them)
Lady #3: Is that YOUR baby on your laptop?
Me: Yes it is.
Lady #4: She's beautiful! How old is she?
Me: 7 Months, her name is Avery
Lady #2: You look too young to be a momma
Lady#3: She your first?
Me: Yes, my husband and I are very blessed with her.
Lady#2: I'm glad you said that, you looked kinda glum when we sat here and now you've perked up.
Lady#3: Lydia, what a rude thing to say, she looks wonderful with her cute outfit, slim figure and those eyes, not to mention a beautiful baby girl.......I bet your husband is a looker too.
Me: haha, I would like to think so, I married him!
Lady#3: See, she has the good life.

Yeah see, I have the good life.

haha, I must mention they were all over 60 and were boistrious haha my kind of ladies.

They went on to eat their meals and I went on to fiddle on the laptop, occasionally I would come up in conversation as if I couldn't hear them...they pretty much went over every article of clothing I had on down to my "Very beautiful" earrings. haha and it was all stating positive things about me.

I'm in such a good mood right now, just what I needed.

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  1. Yay! That's so splendid. Sorry that the interview didn't go as well as intended but you'll find something soon. I'm sure that you are enjoying the time you get to spend with Avery though.

    Have you tried applying to UNT, girl it takes a long time to get in, but GREAT benefits, including a TUITION break!!!! Great job, just doesn't pay too well, they are working on that though. I just got a $1200 raise because they adjusted the pay scales for everyone.



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