Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have been a crummy blogger. I apologize.

Things have been so crazy around here and this past week was one I know my family would much soon forget. To sum it up in the words of my MIL "The bombs keep dropping." Nothing good happened for a lot of us, lots of things up in the air, lots of heartache, lots of negative blah-ness in general and I would much rather it go away all together. However, it's nothing we can't overcome together. Nothing we know God won't provide for. Just very trying times.

With that said, please, keep my family in your prayers. I don't seem to have the words for comfort or strength it seems and well, wisdom seems scarce with me these days (I'll blame lack of sleep).

What else.....hmm.

I'm still looking for a job. I've decided to no longer get disheartened about this. I know there is a job out there for me and I know I won't be unemployed forever. 3 months is just a long time when you think about it. I put in at least 2 applications a day, I call, I apply online, I've signed up for every website known to man and still...NOTHING. I enjoy the time with Avery I'm getting out of it and I'm getting my community service hours done faster than I planned (not complaining). Still, though. I feel so guilty and like such a failure sometimes when I see how stressed Evan is over being the only one bringing in money for us. He's not going to school this semester due to our finances and that is my biggest guilt. HE's close to getting his bachelors and now because of me he is being set back yet again.

We are still going to Ohio in Sept. We'll be driving with Avery, that's 17 hours in the car!!!! I think we may stop in TN or KY for a night and then go on to OH. We're going for a wedding for some amazing friends who are totally worth the drive. I'm working for my mom on fridays for some extra money to use for the trip. We'll be gone the 23rd-29th so please pray for us about this, it may not be the best thing right now in our financial situation but we can pull it off with some good planning. I think we're talking about heading out around 7pm so that way we can drive all night and it won't effect Avery since she'll be asleep anyway and it will minimize stops if you know what I mean. Any tips? Any advice?

Avery is thriving. She now has THREE chompers that she loves to show us by nibbling on our fingers or drooling excessively on our hands. She is a speed crawler and can stand up on her own and pull herself up against things. I was walking by 10 months, Evan and I think Avery will try to be walking by 9! She turns 8 months this week which is hard to believe. I say that every month though I know. Her hair is also coming in rather fast now, it's a strawberry blonde though which has me worried, I so hope she doesn't take after her aunt Jackye and uncle Jonathon and go with the red hair. Anything but red.

I've been looking up themes for her birthday party (yes, we're starting to plan it). Her theme is Hello Kitty and I plan on having lots of cupcakes instead of cake.

I think this is a good entry for now, I'll post some new pictures next time. In the mean time I'm going to watch my new addiction; Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This show is amazing and I want the entire series!


  1. Hang in there! Good things come when you least expect them. :)

  2. Yay for BLOG!!! God is looking out for you! What kind of job are you looking for? Have you looked at UNT, they are always looking for people. It takes a while to get your foot in the door, but if you put great references (like ppl who work for UNT, me) then you may get a job a little faster :D

    Good luck!!!

  3. Great to hear about how Avery is doing! Hang in there - the right job will come along, though I know it sucks right now :-( Also, I saw your status on FB - about the yummy dinner you're cooking tonight! You should check out some of the recipes I've tried - found most of them online.



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